Feb 5, 2013

50% or 10% Off? Free Membership Card! Tips to Shop at The Body Shop India

I recently claimed an offer at The Body Shop – Free membership card with purchase of Rs 2500. I was super excited. So damn excited that I forgot to take a print out! The moment I entered the shop, the sweet lady informed me that the Four Step Smokey Eyes are finally here and one of them is on 50 off. To my sweetest luck, it was the one I wanted – Smokey Copper! Could I have asked for more? 

But then I was missing the printout of the offer and the guy at the store (I hate him and might start to plot his murder someday!) said that he cannot do anything if I don’t have the printout. Sadly, I went out but told the SA to keep few things for me separately. I promised to come back in a week with the god damn printout! 

This happened on this Sunday. Yesterday, I went to the other mall to pick something for Mr. Boy for V Day. But, went straight to The Body Shop. The SA there (whose brain I have also chewed for this exact same palette) excitedly showed me the palette – We the have the palette you wanted. And you know what? Its on 10% off!! Gr8 no? 

I lost all my calm in that exact moment. A palette which itself costs 1995 – the FULL price I was READY to PAY UNTIL I saw it on 50% off is NOW on 10% off? I walked out of the store blabbering something that I simply cannot recall. 

I lost my sleep last night. I could not work the whole day. Finally around 4 PM today, I ran out of my office – yes, RAN out of my office to got the previous Body Shop store with the printout this time. And I found the palette IS on 50% off – thank god for saving my money. I love you......

And, yes ONLY this one was on 50% off, the other was on 10%. I have no idea how two stores have completely different offers...

Anyways, I also got the few other things – Festive Manicure Set for my office drawers, White Musk EDT because I am in love with the body mist now and Cranberry hand cream because I have to make it 2500 INR for the FREE card. 

All in All – Body Shop giving free membership card on purchase of 2500INR. This is HUGE because

1. The card itself costs 500 INR

2. This offer is valid during sales which means I am already saving money

3. This offer was there earlier but for purchase of 3500 INR so, this time its less and that too during sale time.

Take care of the fact that –

1. Different shops might have different offers. Check properly if you can visit more than one store or buying anything that has a huge price tag on its own. A difference of 40% is huge when the product itself costs around or more than 2000 INR.

2. The sale will last till 28th Feb after which they will launch new products.

3. Price of many products has recently hiked so, stock up your essentials if you can find them in the older price. Today I found that there is a mix of old and new priced products on shelves.

4. Do take that printout from your email to save yourself from any hassles. The mail does say that you can even show them on phone etc but why take a chance?

You can also claim such exicting offers. Last month they gave a free tote bag with every purchase. Just like Body Shop India’ FB page and watch out for the offers

Shopped lately in Body Shop during Sales? Anything interesting? Share......please..

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