Feb 28, 2013

Rave - Maybelline Clear Glow BB Stick - Shine Free Clear Stick Review with 02 Radiance Swatch

As a beauty blogger with full time job, there are loads of things I end up doing on weekend - 

A. Search for products 
B. Click loads of photos of the same.

Now, the fact that shops are closed on Sunday in Kolkata does not help at all. But luckily, this Saturday I discovered something that I have not even heard about anywhere. I came back and Google still could not find anything. Did I got a fake product? I was worried. Luckily, I found them in a online store.

So, meet -  Maybelline New York Clear Glow BB Stick 

In case you are thinking that you have similar thing then you must have seen the Clear SMOOTH one and not this Clear GLOW which is specific to India.

I am in love with this.

Feb 27, 2013

Some Like it in Crayon Form - Neutrogena Moisture Smooth Color Stick in 8 Colors

If you feel that it looks like something you know then, you are perfectly okay. If not then you need to see THIS or THIS.

Its seems like all lipsticks will start to come in this crayon form. I am in love with crayon form but there is nothing LADY-LIKE in that.

Dear Lipstick-Making-Companies,

Please continue to bring lipsticks in the normal bullets that we love and our grandma used to love.



Feb 24, 2013

SLS (Sulphate) and Silicon Free Shampoo in India

I rebonded by hair 3.5 years. In 6 months, my hair fall was so bad that I could see my hair everywhere in the house. Mr Boy thought I might end up being bald. I had no intentions to use any doctor prescribed medicine because most work but stop doing anything the moment you stop taking pills. I thought of trying ayurvedic options so, I rushed to Patanjali but the shampoo was not much effective for me. I did a lot of research and found that converting to sulphate free might be the answer. Luckily, at the same time Body Shop launched their Rainforest Shampoo. The awesome silky feeling you get right after you shampoo was missing. But, I knew why it was that way so, continued using it. Now after more than 2 years of use, my hair is denser, hardly any falls. Finding even 10-20 hair after a heavy oiling session seems like an achievement for my Mom. LOL!

I am surely never going back to SLS shampoo. Now here is my trouble. The only SLS-free shampoo I have used is...you guessed it correct......TBS Rainforest. Now right after they have hiked their price, I am seriously considering a replacement. 

Feb 23, 2013

Readers Query : How to Flawlessly Apply Foundation?

Oendrila says

"hi this is oendrila roy a student . A resident of kolkata..... But a lover of fashion style & ofcourse makeup.I really love da way u shop. But da most saddest part is i dnt know how to apply da base only.Whenever i applied foundation it looked odd on me...I cant blend it also.. I m not too fair but not dark also, normal indian skin...lyk if u can help me i wl send you a pic of mine.. i only use lotus matte sunscream gel as my daily routine. nd nothing else. plz do help me? Lyk i m getting tannd now a days. my skin reacts very much in sun"

Feb 20, 2013

MAC Collection for Rihanna 2013

And not just one collection, there are four for 2013!

Everyday Brown / Copper Eyeshadow Palette - The Body Shop Winter Trend Smoky Eye Palette Smoky Copper - Review and Swatch

I am not the kind of person who is always dressed up and have makeup on all the time. When I leave from home at morning, I do not even a stroke of eye liner or lip balm on. I carry things that can be used to revamp your look. 

Palettes always come in handy that way. My first palette was Maybelline Chai Latte and it made me realize and you must have a brown n*de palette with shimmery shades which can be used for subtle day look and later used to create a dynamic look in case you are going out for dinner or party. 

I got Sleek Oh So Special but I needed something smaller. I also had Physicians Formula Shimmer Strip N*de but that's way too cute to be shoved inside my makeup bag. So, from the day I first got to know about this TBS palette, I had to have it. Partly because my Maybelline Chai Latte is about to expire and part because I could not find any other shimmery palette that looked cute yet sturdy and also part because its Limited Edition. I get a mini panic attack when I hear 'limited edition'. So, I knew I have to have it. 

The Body Shop Winter Trend  Smoky Eye Palette Smoky Copper - This eyeshadow palette was the part of the limited edition winter trend makeup by The Body Shop. It has four shimmery coppers/brown/coffee with two mini brushes. 

Feb 17, 2013

Thanks Shoppers Shop for the 10,000 INR Vouchers

Last year around Diwali, Shoppers Stop hosted a contest in IndiBlogger.com. I participated and as many of you might be aware that the post I submitted was chosen to be the 1st Runner Up at Pan India level.

Which post? In case you missed it then please have a look here - 3 Looks for Today's Women

Which contest? This one - Shoppers Stop Perfect Look

Now, right after I got this great news, I told Mom and Mr BF. Because the amount was high for a prize that you received just by arranging few pictures in a order, they said the exact same thing - You might have to spend 10 times of this to actually use these. Also, there was no mail from Shoppers Stop what I won!

I mailed IndiBlogger and there was no reply. So, I thought of forgetting about this completely. Yes, THAT heartbroken.

Last week, on my birthday, I spotted an envelop on near by TV. Because I receive a lot of parcels and posts, everyone in my family have learnt to ignore everything I receive and this envelop got no love from them. I tore it apart just to find loads of gift voucher in them. All valid for a year from now. I was super duper happy but still felt too good to be true so, I went to Shopper Stop yesterday and 3 earring. The starfish one I am wearing in the pics is from there.

Perfect Balm and Stain Hybrid - Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain 040 Rendezvous Review and Swatch

Okay..I say it....I am in a I-Love-Revlon-Phase presently because I am discovering a lot of products recently that were out for long. As long as back in 1951! And going in that path, I stumbled upon them. I was not even aware that people everywhere were going crazy about this. While I was ordering for a bunch of things from ebay, I asked even for this to the ebay seller. I asked for two shades but got only this one - 

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in 040 Rendezvous.
(the other one was a pink shade)

So, here is the review after a month of use.

From Revlon Website 

It’s a pampering balm fused with a lightweight lipstain in an adorable chubby crayon. Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain gives softer, smoother lips with a perfect flush of color that lasts hour after hour. The gel formula comes in 12 vibrant shades that match any look or mood.

Lightweight Lipstain + Moisturizing Balm
-100% of women who tried it felt their lips were instantly moisturized with a soft stain of color
-Retractable chubby crayon, no sharpener required


Step 1: Apply Just Bitten Kissable™ Balm Stain evenly to clean, bare lips. Build color and coverage as desired.

Step 2: Reapply as desired for moisturizing shine throughout the day.

Revlon Photo Ready Cream Blush 100 Pinched, 200 Flushed and 300 Coral Reef Review and Swatch

Don't the look lovely? What are they? Revlon Photo Ready Cream blush. They come in 3 shades and I got all of them! Yes, I was not using blushes for long now but needed a coral blush in winter. I tried everywhere but could not get any coral (not even orange) that does not have any shimmer. Finally, I could not take it anymore and ordered all of them.

From Revlon Website

Revlon Photo Ready Cream Blush was created by Global Artistic Director Gucci Westman for the Spring 2012 collection. Inspired by the glowing skin of a beach beauty, these silky cream blushes glide on smoothly provide a dewy flush of color for a healthy, gorgeous glow.

· Creamy blush provides buildable, beautiful flush of color
· Lightweight formula with silky soft feel on skin
· Blends evenly over cheeks for smooth application
· Photochromatic pigments bend and reflect light to provide cheeks with a beautiful glow


Using fingers or a brush, dab a small amount of cream blush on apples of cheeks. Apply 2-3 dots of color along cheekbones. Gently blend outwards across cheekbones and towards temple, using a patting motion to spread and blend the color. This will help create a natural looking flush of color that blends seamlessly into your skin. Color is buildable from a sheer wash of color to a full flush of color. For a stronger pop of color, simply add another layer of color. For longer lasting color, you may choose to set it with a loose translucent powder, like Photo Ready Translucent Finisher. 

Feb 11, 2013

8 Top Love - Best Products from The Body Shop

When I was studying, the one brand that I wanted to splurge on was The Body Shop. It was mentioned in almost every issue of Cosmo. Even after one year in the job, I never had the gut to enter a shop. Finally, I did and now after two years, there are products that I simply cannot live without. Makes me wonder why I have not visited them earlier. 

There are loads of products I have used from The Body Shop - Body Butters, all products from white Shisho Range, all products from Vitamin E range, all products from Rainforest Range, Eyeliners, Toners, Cleansers, some products from Aloe range....... and much more! Finally, this the list of products that I surely will rate much more than others because of their effectiveness and uniqueness. 

Feb 7, 2013

Just Like Z Palettes, Inglot Freedom System Palette To Take Away Your Refill Issues

I love refills - perfect space savers. But I love palettes more becuase they are already packed into one single thing. But at times palettes are not good enough and carrying around refills while traveling is not an option. Solution? Get customizable palettes to fill in the refills. The ones available in India are MAC and Inglot but they can fit only a fixed number of refils and that too of a fixed size. Also, they are priced at a quite a higher price. Solution? Z palettes but then they are not found in India and cost upto 1200 INR with shipping and more if custom charges are also included.

Soltion to All problem - Inglot Freedom Palette (This is the small one)

Feb 5, 2013

50% or 10% Off? Free Membership Card! Tips to Shop at The Body Shop India

I recently claimed an offer at The Body Shop – Free membership card with purchase of Rs 2500. I was super excited. So damn excited that I forgot to take a print out! The moment I entered the shop, the sweet lady informed me that the Four Step Smokey Eyes are finally here and one of them is on 50 off. To my sweetest luck, it was the one I wanted – Smokey Copper! Could I have asked for more? 

But then I was missing the printout of the offer and the guy at the store (I hate him and might start to plot his murder someday!) said that he cannot do anything if I don’t have the printout. Sadly, I went out but told the SA to keep few things for me separately. I promised to come back in a week with the god damn printout! 

Revlon US Lipsticks Better Than Revlon India?

Since I moved to Delhi, I have met many girls in my office who were not makeup freaks but the moment anyone had to visit USA (at times even to any European countries), they would hand over a long list of makeup from Revlon. Later, I found that the price difference was huge and also the quality was far better. I was not a fan a Revlon then (this was 3 years back. Now, I love them) so, I never bothered much.

It all started when I badly needed a orange blush. I was not using any blush for the past 6-7 month so, I really wanted to try something new for winter. I found the Revlon Photoready Cream Blushes Coral Reef but I didn't wanted to wait till another six months before they are launched in India [Edit 09/01/14 - Not launched in India yet].

So, along with it and other products, I also purchased a lipstick - Revlon Primrose - a very loved lipstick in blogsphere.

I remember that Revlon products were produced in India only and I had previously wondered how they would have to provide 100% same quality. So, here are the differences I found 

1. There is a ingredient list – Yes, there is a ingredient list. Also, some additional information is mentioned like date of manufacture and to be used till what date, etc on a white tag pasted on the cap. Indian one has no tag as such. No mention of where it is made, no dates, no ingredients – NOTHING.

Feb 2, 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips Asia Versus Maybelline Baby Lips Rest of the World (US, UK, Australia Etc)

The first time I saw Baby Lips, I wanted to hold one, put it deep inside my bag so that, no one can take it from me....I not a maniac but just look how adorable they are! 

They finally came to India but I was confused - what are the shades? And why do they look so different? 

Maybelline started advertising these everywhere but it was nowhere to be found. On top of it, even the SAs had no idea what they were. So, after LOT of wait they arrived in India. But they were different...very different.....very disappointingly different. 

I used the Mango Pie one but was not much impressed. When other bloggers were deep in its love, I was trying to find what to love. I was loving the smell. But the promise of great lip in seven days was not looking strong. I tried to skip lipstick for an entire week which is super tough for me in case you are wondering and use Maybelline Baby Lips Mango Pie for an entire week, reapplying whenever I could. I was not seeing any difference in my lips. The texture is smooth but it just seemed to be on my lips protecting it. It didn't repair them. Not that I started with bad lips but I do expect it to repair the seldom dry skins that I get in harsh AC environment but it didn't. It was just a simple balm which only protects - nothing additional.

I was this close in ordering another Brut's Bee Lip Balm but then I thought why not try the ones sold in the US? I got the peppermint one. This is the one I wanted all the time I was obsessed with Maybelline Baby Lips.

So, let's start comparing - 

Before I start, I must mention that I am not aware in which country which one sold. As far as I know the ones in India are sold everywhere in Asia and also in Australia I guess. The rest of the world gets the ones sold in US. So, I will regard them as Asian and Non-Asian. 

1. Packaging - The Non-Asian one is wayyyyy cuter. The Baby Lips is written the transparent cap. I was sure it will break. So, I put both of them in my bag. Last week they both spent their time rolling inside my bag and I cannot see any harm done.

The cuter one gets one point.

Feb 1, 2013

Sexy Lipsticks at MAC Year of the Snake Collection for Spring 2013

Yet another collection from MAC but I am just posting this because I cannot stop admiring the lipsticks. They are not the girly girly things that most makeup collections are. The collection (maybe) is named on the Chinese Year for Snake this 2013...maybe...hisssssss

Somehow it reminded of the ugly movie in which Mallika Sherawat was a snake. I do not even want to say anything more because I haven't watched it and I do not want to bring in those memories back to your head. In case you are not aware then, please do not even google. Its not good.

The collection includes mostly re-promotes and permanent ones but nothing new.
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