Jan 23, 2013

NAIL ART - Welcome to Zoo | Animals - Elephant, Monkey, Giraffe, Panda and a Lion )

I was about to do another lip swatch post when I thought you guys might be a bit bored of them. No? So, I decided to do a nail art. I do nail arts but then I either forget to click before I ruthlessly take them off within a day or too lazy to post the pics.

A friend of mine sent me a pic last night and I end up copying it at 3 AM because I could not sleep! In fact that is my normal time for doing any nail art!

(EDIT - The original image belonged to Jackie from Adventures in Acetone. Thanks to Missy of Gnarly Gnails)

Animals in Zoo for Kids nail art
Let Go to the Zoo today. Will U?
Liked it? I am thinking of not buying any more nail polish and do more and more nail art post. Sounds good?

Do comment and Make my Day!!!
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