Dec 16, 2012

First Beer Shampoo in India - Park Avenue Beer Shampoo Comes in Beer Bottle (REVIEW)

Last year when I came to know how magical beer is for hair after reading Malaika Arora and Catherine Zeta Jones, I forced Boy to save some for me after their beer party (which was too hard and required too much control for everyone), left it overnight to get flat and rinsed my hair with it. I simply could not stop praising my hair. It was shining with volume. The effects went off with the next wash. I smelled like beer (I hate beer smell) the whole day but I guess that's a small price you pay for beauty.

Cut to 2012 December when Park Avenue launched Beer Shampoo launched India's First Beer Shampoo. Park Avenue has been a Manly brand and never cared for women so, I doubt if it was even made for women! But, when I saw the bottle of this one and I knew I had to get this. 


I am a complete no silicone (specially no SLS) shampoo person. Something that helped to stop hair fall - yes, I have NO hair fall irrespective of my super stress life. So, I was afraid to look at the ingredients. 

I was amazed with how the lather was soft. Also, my scalp didn't got irritated like it does with SLS shampoos. Checked the ingredients and was amazed again - they really have better ingredients when compared to other drugstore shampoos. No SLS but SLES. Beer is marked as the 3rd ingredient. So, all in all - good.


Its smells like fruit beer with a touch of bitterness. If you sniff directly from the bottle you might even faint if you also hate beer smell like I do. Right after I came home, I used this at night because what if I use in morning and the smell is there when I am in office??? Sighhh. But luckily the smell does not last. I got it checked thrice before leaving for office the next day but I know the smell was gone in less than a hour.


Its comes in small beer bottle shaped plastic bottle. The cap is flip top but has a additional nozzle under it. Something to give extra protection but the flip top is not very strong. Surely it will spill if you use for travelling. An additional zip bag for this one please.


I am using it for a week and loving it. The lather is soft, cleans my hair without stripping it and the beer smell is not for long. Every time I even think of using anything with silicone  I always go back to my trusted SLS free Body Shop Rainforest but this time, I didn't missed it much. There is one time where this one caused me issue. Yesterday, I went over board with this, used too much and had frizzy/dry hair. Note to self - never do that again. I didn't used any conditioner after this and I was good to go. A very little amount of this is required. 

Another tip if you only use the silicone shampoos - dissolve a teaspoon of this a cup of water and then use it on dry hair. You will be able to lather better that way.

Price in India

160 INR for 200ml (I got it for 150 ml at a local store)


I really liked it. If you are on a tight budget, out of shampoo and can get only try one new thing this month then buy this shampoo. Its totally worth it.

Keep Smiling

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