Dec 2, 2012

First Anniversary of Sweet and Bitter Blog

Wooohooooo! I turned 1! 

I could not believe that it has been a year that I am blogging - seems like yesterday that I started this.

Thanks to all the readers and everyone who ever commented here. It means a lot to me. 

I remember when within a few days of starting this blog, I saw 100 page hits and felt like happiest person alive. I could not believe then I used to get visits from countries that I was not even aware exists (The reason ClustrMaps is there.) I used to get up middle in the night to check if anyone from any new country has visited my blog. Then the next point  when I lost my sanity was when I Google something and an image/link from my blog was on the first page. I still get the same pleasure when that happen. The hits then became 100 everyday and then 1000 per day.

Thank you again for ever dropping by, for following the blog, reading the posts, liking this blog. Didn't liked? Had any complains  Shoot me a mail. Go to the contact me page. You can also contact me if you want to give any suggestions...any.....don't be shy.

And I repeat - Thank you readers. Won't have been possible if you weren't there for me. 

Things coming up for you guys


So, Stay tuned.

Love u

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