Nov 16, 2012

Revlon Forest Green (466) and Fashionista (453) - Swatch and Review

revlon fashionista 453 forest green 466 revlon 80 year anniversary

Recently I landed up more new shades from Revlon. I picked up Fashionista and Forest Green and I have never seen anything like that in drugstores. Full marks for being unique in the drugstore market.

Warm deep teal. I felt it to be a bit like peacock green but my options changed somehow. It’s classy and edgy at the same time. Way back in 1932, Revlon launched opaque nail polish and on their 80th anniversary they launched 34 new colors (Toluene, Formaldehyde and DBP free) raging from classic red to glitters. Fashionista is part of the Revlon’s 80 year celebration.

revlon fashionista 453 revlon 80 year anniversary

Forest Green

Deep hunter green. The complain I have with this one is it turns the nails yellow. For review purpose, I used it without basecoat and topcoat for a week (actually both fashionista and this one on alternating finger) to check the stay and when I removed them I found that the ones with Forest green have turned yellow. Eeekss. Maybe the yellow pigment in this green is too strong. I will surely never apply it without basecoat.

Revlon Forest Green 466
Revlon Forest Green 466

Formula – While a coat is bit less, two are great. Here I guess I had applied 3 coats for a smoother look. I liked that I can use a thick coat with a heavy hand without streaking and still the drying time was less. I had wore this for an entire week with no chipping at all even though I had 4 coats on (more coats chips faster for most nail polishes). Both the colors turn up a bit darker on nails as compared to the color on bottle. I wish they were the exact color as they look on the bottle. 

At just 140 INR, I am surely getting more of these. 

I am yet to find a store with all the colors. The SAs are not even aware of the 80 year anniversary!!!

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