Nov 4, 2012

Perfumes of the World in India and Shopping from the 20% from The Body Shop - Perfume, Body Butter, Mists and More

Perfumes of the World is finally launched in India. I could not see Sakur but Indian Night Jasmine , Atlas Mountain Rose, Madagascan Vanilla Flower and Amazonian Wild Lily were available here. Also, the Japanese cherry blossom is changed. Loved this new one and so I happily got it in my shopping bag.

Body Shop is also having a flat 20% discount on all products (excluding accessories). And I had to shop. I picked up my lazy bum though it was a very lazy day for me and I wanted to sleep in the afternoon just to make sure that I do not miss anything from the sale! 

What all is there???

Coconut Body Butter - Always wanted it! Always. I love Shea Butter for winter but it was OOS. There was gift pack with coconut, olive and shea but I do not live the olive one and the price was of the gift pack was kinda stupid for 150 grms of body butter.

Coconut Oil - I have heard a lot about it. I already use the rainforest shampoo. Fingers crossed for this one.
Hemp Foot Protector - This is for mommy. Cracked heel rescuer. Lets see how it fairs.

Japanese Cherry Blossom Perfume - Awww... I love smell of cherry blossom. This one is awesome. I wanted the perfume oil but it was not with them.

Indian Night Jasmine Perfume Oil - I tired the lotion in the store and I could still smell it after 3 hours. But I got the perfume oil. Can now mix with a fragrance-free lotion and enjoy it everyday.

 Have you shopped during the sale? Just one more day left so you better hurry.

All the products were something that I wished to try. I am sure there will be another sale during/near Christmas so, don't feel very bad in case you miss this one. 
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