Nov 12, 2012

Only One Shopping Bag - Vero Moda to Quench Oxblood Thirst

I was wandering in the mall then like a force pulling me, I went to Veda Moda with no intentions to shop. And then I saw - Ohhh My My – Oxblood Pant! 

But they must be costly. I do not want to spend something that might last only a season – 
ohhh wait – its not even 2K!!

I have to have this!!!

 I came back with ONLY one shopping bag – Vera Moda. I checked Mango and Promod and they also oxblood pieces but prices were more. I never knew Vera Moda was affordable – In love!

If you want to have something then its better to get pants because oxblood pants have a slimming effect and hence, makes your legs look longer.
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