Nov 20, 2012

One Shade to Fit All? Olay Touch of Foundation in India

As Ponds have stopped it tinted moisturizer (which BTW I never got to use ) and since then searching for a tinted anti-aging moisturizer I recently saw the Olay Touch of Foundation ad. I was super excited and headed to stores. 

I checked with a store with sells things from customs and the lady told me - "Only one shade with Maxfactor foundation. "

One shade? Maxfactor foundation? Are you making a fool out of me?

So, I went to New U (a multi-brand cosmetic store in India) and I asked about this and the SA said - 

"One shade."

"One shade? Okay, then show me the tester. "

"No tester."

And I stop there trying to gather myself to speak again - "No tester? How am I supposed to buy? What is the price anyways?"

"749 INR"

"...for something that I do not even know is of my color or not?"

About turn. Returned home. (Not exactly, I picked stuff for my first anniversary giveaway.)

I think, I will wait for other blogger to review this. I saw in many counties there are 2-3 shades but only 1 for India. Only One? Also I think the Maxfactor foundation is a variety which is not available here in India (not 100 % sure)

Have you got this one or heard about this? Does the concept of One shade to fit all and by all I mean the skin color and tones in India...Helloooooo! Diversity!!!
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