Nov 29, 2012

New Glasses - Would it be Wack ones from New Girl?

I got my eyes retested and I got powers. Though I was sad but then it simply means one thing - New Glasses. And I really wanted some wacky ones. Those hello kitty ones from Ebay are simply not for me as I have to got to office - very serious office where no one knows I blog - a very well kept secret *so proud of herself*.

I want the Wack ones from Oliver People that Zooey wears in New Girl. Not a TV fan but these days in love with styles in shown in TV. I loved Zooey in them - cute to adorkable to serious to every single mood.....wooooahhhhhh

BTW how cool is that parrot print jammies?

Other Inspirations  - I found similar on Jonny Depp as well. And also Tina Frey from 30 Rock is another inspiration but then my jaws are not as defined as hers.

 Cute ad. No?

The one she wears are priced at 300$ (gasp!) so, I knew what I have to do - find a copy! No, I am not cheapo but then I do not want to spend 300$ on something that I might lose any day. I cannot wait to get hold of something like these.

Ohh then I also want blue contact lens and that red lipstick and also the cloths she wears and .....*a girl just dreams*

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