Nov 12, 2012

Momos in Kolkata - Momo Plaza

Last Saturday I was bit sad and wanted something to lift me up. Momos used to do the trick but I do not like the Momos here in Kolkata – Gurgaon and Noida has ruined me! I wish I could go to the sector markets now for a plate of hot steamed momos.

So while wandering, I bumped into Momo Plaza - a certified Tibetian place for its Momos. There are many places for momos around the places but I checked online and everyone said it was the best. I loved the fact that momos were served with a clear soup (the way it’s always done in Kolkata) but I still miss the sector market ones.

Check HERE to read about its review in

And sorry, no pics of the food. I only clicked unconsciously while waiting for food and when I recieved it, I was too busy eating it and running back to home. 
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