Nov 27, 2012

Major Lust - Anushka’s Royal Blue Mijwan Sari at India's Got Talent

I am personally not a fan of reality shows. I prefer ones in which people die a lot (after effect of watching Kyuki Saas Bhi kabhi Bahi Thi where no one I watch detective or medical series only. But recently when my Mom was getting her dose of reality shows, I was awe struck by Anushka's Royal Blue Sari. Its simple and yet royal and elegant. I loved it. I watched the rest of the show just to get a glimpse but here are the pics.

In the show Katrina was also there looking and giving the same old expressions.

I am thinking of remaking this but then I believe its a tough job after I saw the pic below. Check out the layers.

 The makeup and jewelry was perfect. I have similar earring from Forever 21 (here) and I have to have those string type kundan work necklace. The eye shadow is something I can work with using
L'Oreal L'Or Electric All Night Blue.

Have you ever copied any design this way? I badly want to do this but then I have to visit Kirana Bazaar in Delhi. 
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