Nov 30, 2012

Winter Skincare Routine with 11 Skincare Mini Review- ( Sensitive Combination Skin)

I was thinking of doing this for long but then my skincare routine was super simple. But after I moved in to Kolkata, a lot changed – diet, humidity and lifestyle. So, here after a lot of hit and trial, I ended up with this skincare routine. To be true at present, less is more much more. It’s very sensitive now and I cannot use anything harsh on it – no face wash to be specific (other than Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser and I only have few sample left as Kiehl's is not in Kolkata).


♥ Sun Protection 

1. Lotus Safe Sun 40 SPF - I usually don’t have much time after I get up and run for office. I also do my makeup in office. So, I clean my face with water. (How I wish I have a bottle of Kiehls Cleanser) and I use Lotus Sunscreen. I generally use the SPF 50 one which is lighter than this one and this 40 SPF one lives in my everyday bag. 

I am using them from 2007-08 I guess and I never thought of changing. Ohh wait, I thought of trying and used the Neutrogena one – total yuck – hated the smell, hated the texture and it made my super skin skin super oily (the first time I realized what a curse oily skin is!)

♥ Cleanse 

2. Cetaphil Cleansing Lotion for Sensitive Skin – I wash off all the dirt and the sunscreen right after I reach office (don’t want to sit all day with the pollutants on my face huh?). I love it and I am using it for 2 years now

I got a severe case of ance after my first ever (and only) facial experience. Boy was out of town and we were supposed to go to somewhere for Christmas. I freaked out and went to doc who gave to loads of medicine(which I checked later and found were strong steroids – I guess I freaked him out about my upcoming, much awaited vacation ) and this is something that I continued to use. Not always in fact. I do not keep a stock of this or buy back to back but I always try to have it with me. 

♥ Moisturize 

3. L’Oreal Revitalift White Day Cream – A very sweet SA gave me a sample of this. I was not sure about using a anti-aging cream but I wanted to included something in my daily routine. Plus it talks about fairness so, I was against it. I am very happy that she forced me to try the sample because I love this. I got the full size two months back. Let me know you want a detailed review.

Nov 29, 2012

New Glasses - Would it be Wack ones from New Girl?

I got my eyes retested and I got powers. Though I was sad but then it simply means one thing - New Glasses. And I really wanted some wacky ones. Those hello kitty ones from Ebay are simply not for me as I have to got to office - very serious office where no one knows I blog - a very well kept secret *so proud of herself*.

I want the Wack ones from Oliver People that Zooey wears in New Girl. Not a TV fan but these days in love with styles in shown in TV. I loved Zooey in them - cute to adorkable to serious to every single mood.....wooooahhhhhh

Nov 27, 2012

Major Lust - Anushka’s Royal Blue Mijwan Sari at India's Got Talent

I am personally not a fan of reality shows. I prefer ones in which people die a lot (after effect of watching Kyuki Saas Bhi kabhi Bahi Thi where no one I watch detective or medical series only. But recently when my Mom was getting her dose of reality shows, I was awe struck by Anushka's Royal Blue Sari. Its simple and yet royal and elegant. I loved it. I watched the rest of the show just to get a glimpse but here are the pics.

In the show Katrina was also there looking and giving the same old expressions.

Nov 20, 2012

One Shade to Fit All? Olay Touch of Foundation in India

As Ponds have stopped it tinted moisturizer (which BTW I never got to use ) and since then searching for a tinted anti-aging moisturizer I recently saw the Olay Touch of Foundation ad. I was super excited and headed to stores. 

Nov 16, 2012

Revlon Forest Green (466) and Fashionista (453) - Swatch and Review

revlon fashionista 453 forest green 466 revlon 80 year anniversary

Recently I landed up more new shades from Revlon. I picked up Fashionista and Forest Green and I have never seen anything like that in drugstores. Full marks for being unique in the drugstore market.

Nov 15, 2012

Living in My Vanity - MAC Mehr Lipstick Swatch and Review - Mickey Contractor '11 / Middle Eastern '12

“Getting MAC Mehr was like online dating experience for me. I saw it online – swatched, reviewed and loved, but I could not get hold of it for a year and 10 months! Finally I had it and was surprised at the color of the bullet – so brown? But now she’s my life (‘she’ because Mehr is a very female name)”

Nov 14, 2012

Be Classy, Casual and Festive - 3 Looks for Today's Women from ShoppersStop.Com

All of them are the tried and tested looks by the Indian women of today. A salute to all the roles we play, the part we excel every day. These are all the outfits that I have personally liked and worn (similar) in situations as mentioned.

Flirty Butterfly – The Casual Chic 

Its winter morning and you have to leave for your college class or have to go to shop for a basic few things. The piece almost all of use is slim fitted solid colored jeans which makes your legs looks slimmer. Its winter so, you wrap yourself in your favorite brown leather jacket which is comfy inside with fur body and tough outside to save you from the chilly winds. As you are left with not much time, just a sweep of your mascara to turn those lazy lashes in flirty butterfly. A sniff of that sexy perfume to perk you up and a satchel to pile in things that will help you survive the day. A sunscreen and Rayban sunglass with polarized glass lens is a must to protect you. In case you are still left with time then how about getting a bit crazy and trying oxblood nail paint? Try the fast drying Maybelline Colorama Vinho Reserva. 

1. GAS-Ladies Beila Leather Jacket
2. Vibe Ladies Denims
3. French Connection-Ladies Shiny Croc Small Satchel Bag -
4. Rayban Unisex Sunglasses
5. Maybelline Colorama Nail Enamel Vinho Reserva
6. Playboy Women Play It Sexy
7. LOreal - Extra Volume Million Lashes

Nov 12, 2012

Momos in Kolkata - Momo Plaza

Last Saturday I was bit sad and wanted something to lift me up. Momos used to do the trick but I do not like the Momos here in Kolkata – Gurgaon and Noida has ruined me! I wish I could go to the sector markets now for a plate of hot steamed momos.

So while wandering, I bumped into Momo Plaza - a certified Tibetian place for its Momos. There are many places for momos around the places but I checked online and everyone said it was the best. I loved the fact that momos were served with a clear soup (the way it’s always done in Kolkata) but I still miss the sector market ones.

Only One Shopping Bag - Vero Moda to Quench Oxblood Thirst

I was wandering in the mall then like a force pulling me, I went to Veda Moda with no intentions to shop. And then I saw - Ohhh My My – Oxblood Pant! 

But they must be costly. I do not want to spend something that might last only a season – 
ohhh wait – its not even 2K!!

I have to have this!!!

Nov 11, 2012

Joy - A Giveaway Announcement - Body Shop Cranberry Joy

Thank you winter. Finally I can use my spiced vanilla joy soap and also the body butter and also the shower cream! I am so happy that I am announcing a giveaway. I wished to have an anniversary giveaway from 1st December but I could not stop myself for some reason. So, before the anniversary giveaway let’s have a warm up giveaway.

Prizes include Cranberry Shower Cream(60ml) and Cranberry Body Butter (50ml)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Last Minute Gift Option - Jabong.Com - My Experience

All preparations for Diwali done? Diya, Lights, Crackers, New Cloths, Sweets? All??? Think again. What about gifts? If there is still something left in your list then try Jabaong.Com.

They have super fast delivery and lot of offers going on at present.

I shopped from them 2 weeks back. I got a Levis grey jeans and a UCB full sleeves top. Both were two seperate order - one Cash on delivery and other prepaid. 

I loved to Shop at Jabong.Com because-

1. They have a huge collection and you will definitely get what you want - bags, shoes, jeans, jackets, kurtas, suits - everything for Men and Women.

2. I am personally not someone who can shop cloths online because I need to check the items from all angles. Most websites just have 2 or 3 images of the product from most attractive angles. Also the colors are bit modified to make it look more attractive. Lucky for me, has 5 images for each clothing product - front, sideways, full length, angled and also closeup. That really helped. How the fabric clings gives a better idea. Plus, gives an idea of the thickness and texture. Here are the links to what I got and you can see for yourself - Levis jeans and UCB top

Nov 5, 2012

Drooling Over Overcoats and Gloves from Forever new

While winter is slowly coming to everyone's town, I am here missing Delhi-ki-saardi (Delhi's winter) - The fog and everything! I badly wanted a perfect overcoat but I liked nothing. I picked one from Allahabad by the time winter was almost over. This year I saw the ones I loved and I could not get - Why? Kolkata does not have much winter...arghhhhhh I almost cried in the store yesterday when I saw them and that too with a 35% off tag!!! arghhhhhhhh

Following are the 2 overcoat that I wish to own. First one has fur which is detachable and the satin ribbon is just add the right tough require to raise it up the sophistication ladder. And I loved the cut of the second one. I also loved this tasled cardigan but then again - remember - Not much winter here!

Nov 4, 2012

Perfumes of the World in India and Shopping from the 20% from The Body Shop - Perfume, Body Butter, Mists and More

Perfumes of the World is finally launched in India. I could not see Sakur but Indian Night Jasmine , Atlas Mountain Rose, Madagascan Vanilla Flower and Amazonian Wild Lily were available here. Also, the Japanese cherry blossom is changed. Loved this new one and so I happily got it in my shopping bag.

Body Shop is also having a flat 20% discount on all products (excluding accessories). And I had to shop. I picked up my lazy bum though it was a very lazy day for me and I wanted to sleep in the afternoon just to make sure that I do not miss anything from the sale! 

What all is there???

Coconut Body Butter - Always wanted it! Always. I love Shea Butter for winter but it was OOS. There was gift pack with coconut, olive and shea but I do not live the olive one and the price was of the gift pack was kinda stupid for 150 grms of body butter.

Coconut Oil - I have heard a lot about it. I already use the rainforest shampoo. Fingers crossed for this one.

Nov 3, 2012

Flash Sale for 3 Days at The Body Shop - 20% Off

Yeahhhhh!!!!!! The Body Shop flash sale.

I just hope that lot of products have 20% off on them and this is not a Member-Only thing.

Fingers Crossed.

Lazy Lady Survival Guide - Trick to Clean Your Make-up Brushes

Good makeup brushes are a must but dirty ones are useless. Also no matter what, you must clean them at least once a month or more frequently then are used a lot. I used to wash with diluted soap or shower gels but they weren't that effective. I have to struggle a lot and I do not want to hurt my brushes ( also I do not want to struggle over a single thing for long).

Shampoos are also a total NO NO because shampoos might make your brush soft and loose it shape and stiffness over time. Have you tried vinegar to clean make up brushes? I certainly do not get that! I also have a Kryolan Brush cleaner which have no instruction of how to use it and only have scary warning written on it. So here what I did this time.

But if you have scratchy brushes then I think it makes sense to wash them with a shampoo and even follow up with a conditioner. Its all your call and I won't suggest this to anyone.

Nov 1, 2012

Saving Chapped Lips - My 13 Member Army of Lip Savers + A Weird Indian Tip To Stop Chapped Lips For Eer

Voice over the Radio : "Attention! This message is for the Army of the Vanity Box. There is an information of possible security breech. Just a inch south of St Nose Peak, strong dry winds are going to attack from everywhere. This attack will make the area non-kissable. This is an emergency and requires closest attention. The situation is Scale A. Out."

Message from Army of the Vanity Box : "Roger. All members of relevance will be sent to the site. Out."

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