Oct 10, 2012

Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter Launched in India [Edited]

To everyone who was desperately waiting for Colorburst Lip Butter - the wait is over (I think!).

Every time any company launches anything in the market, there are ads all over the place or at least the promo done by bloggers by the PR announcements. I have not seen any Indian bloggers saying anything about the launch which means either it is not being launched (noooooo!!!) or the PR are not much active about it.  [ Edit - I have started to see them - many are posting the reviews as well ]

Now out of the blue, what made me think that they are to be launched? The FB announcements.....

Check them the recent images added by Revlon India FB page.

Did I just gave u a urge to bite in something sweet? Don't lie to me...I know the answer!

They are saying this to be launched after 15th October but if any one of you have seen them (I never go to be Revlon counter in stores...they never have anything!) then please be a sweetheart leave the details u know in the comments section.

[Edit - They are launched in Revlon counters. They are priced at 600 INR in India. Interestingly, if you buy in Ebay USA sellers, they will you the product along with shipping at that price. Some are sweet to waive off the shipping if u buy more than 5-6. In case you want a lot of these and have a paypal account, I would say buy from a reputed seller from USA. I can try the one from whom I got my Physicians Formula cosmetics.]
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