Oct 26, 2012

Orangy Fun with Colorbar Obsessed Orange Lipstick and Orange Mimosa Nail Paint

Do you match your nails with lips? If you do then I salute you. Its a tough task to match - first you have to have the exact color match and second how can you change nail paint everyday or wear the same lipstick for an entire week?

Anyways, this is just a pic of me having fun with my favorite and only combo - 

Orange Mimosa - My fav orange nail polish - something that does not make hands darker like other orange nail polish. I will repurchase this my whole life. Best orange nail paint ever. No doubt this is number as '01' by Colorbar. 

Obsessed Orange - It makes me look like I just had a lot of orange fizzy drink. Does not make teeth look yellow. It does not at all drying but nothing moisturizing either. I wish it left a better tint on my lips when its gone. 

 My deepest regards for Orange Mimosa and Obsessed Orange for making me so happy. Hugs and Kisses to both of you!

Colorbar Nail Paint Orange Mimosa - 150 INR
Colorbar Velvette Matt Obsessed Orange 60 OR - 250 INR. It was launched long back along with 5 other lipsticks by Colorbar (check swatches here).

Do you own either/both of the two? 
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