Oct 28, 2012

Joy To My Hair - Lush H'Suan Wen Hwa Hair Moisturized for your Thirsty Manes

I used it yesterday and I have never seen my hair this happy.

Whats the fuss? Most mask irritate my scalp and give a burning sensation. The ones aviaable in market are generally full of silicons which cause burning sensation,  make roots weak in long run and hence, cause lot of hair fall. If I try the home made ones then most of them was a tough job to take off. I once applied a banana - took me 1 hour of scratching my scalp and hair to clean my hair hence causing more damage than repair. Or are super smelly - yes Mr. Egg, I am talking to you. Or have a very temporary effect like beer (if you can get some beer then try rising hair with flat beer - gives a shine but not long lasting)

I am very happy with one. Why?

  • It has a light lingering smell. 
  • Didn't irritated my scalp. 
  • Was super easy to wash off.
  • My hair is moisturized , feeling light and super soft to touch. I cannot keep my hands off my hair. Seriously,  its addictive.

It has pressed me on all the right buttons.

The only problem is the price but then the product justified it completely. This will surely be in my shopping bag when I shop from Lush next time. Have you seen my post about the experience with Lush India Online store? They have even started Cash on delivery for many places.

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