Oct 26, 2012

Goodies From Lush Online Store - How My Opinion Changed About the Brand

If u had asked me four months back then I would have said all ill words about Lush. I could not imagine how anyone would spend so much on skincare when they might be unsure even it will suit you or not. My first buy was a year back when I got Trichomania solid shampoo and Sweet Lips scrub. Trichomania didn't work and I got itchy scalp. It ended up as a shower cream because of the amazing smell.

Then why I shopped from Lush? Four month back, my skin ritual was simple. A light home made pack everyday and moisturize moisturize moisturize. When I came to Kolkata, there was a 180 degree turn in my skin texture. It became oily and acne prone. I could not like with that. I tried various masks (other than the home made one as I am still out of sandal powder) and face wash to keep up with the oil well that my face has become but nothing helped. Finally I decided I required something new. With all my guts I decided to try LUSH! - A very big step for me considering my previous experience. They suggested me Aqua Marina cleanser and my skin is completely under my control now *touch wood* It still does not have much glow but at least no acne. And I finished my first tub and this is the new one *smiling*

Then why am I so confident about them this time? I just realized something that I was not aware when I made my first purchase. They give samples. You can try to check if the product actually suits you or not. This time I consulted them for a hair moisturizer as I need to pamper my hair at times and they have gleefully send me a sample for HSuan Wen Hwa for one time use. They have also sent me Honey I washed the Kids because I am confused with the smell and wanted to try it to make sure it’s not too sweet for my taste.

So, I brought from them just because they had free samples? NO! My Aqua Marina cleanser lasted for more than 3 months (it expires in 3 months and now I know how to make it live longer). So its only 200 per month which is way too less than what I had to spend if I had went to a saloon or doctor to treat the stupidity of my skin – You are DRY not Oily. Why u forgot Mr.Skin? I also got additional Dark Angels to use as scrub. A pea-size amount of product is required for my face. So, this might last at least 6 months. So, this implies being cost effective as well! It only hurts to pay so much at a bunch but then they have samples as well.

Online Experience – After two successful attempts by net banking, I called them and they were sweet enough for online or bank deposits. Finally I tried one more time (just to a good girl) by net banking and it worked! They sent it by Blue Dart and I received it in 2 days and that too during Durga Puja in Kolkata when things are hardly delivered. Hats off to Lush, Blue Dart and the man who delivered it.

Shopping again? I loved it! I think it’s a blessing for girls from cities/towns that do not have Lush stores. Even Urban Touch and Flipkart sell Lush products online but then there are only very few products there. Also, just give a call to the guys at the store and they will help you know what exactly you might need to buy for your skin issues. So, there it is - Help for FREE....FREE...FREE

They have the policy of giving-back. I already have 5 tubs now and I think I have to visit the shop next time to claim my free cleanser. Wooopeeee. But I am surely going to buy online otherwise because the Lush store in Kolkata is quite off my way.

Have you shopped from Lush Online Store?

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