Oct 31, 2012

Matte Pink Lipsticks from Revlon - Stormy Pink 97 and Pink Pout 02 Swatch and Review

"Things are valued most in their Absence"

Revlon lipsticks have been there all the time. Ignore by me completely (and I cannot forgive myself for this). 

But when one day while arranging my lipsticks; I realized how much I loved Revlon Kiss Me Coral. Then I started to Google for more Revlon Lipstick and made a lipstick-want-list with not one or two but 5 lipsticks from Revlon. But I could not find them anywhere. All the SA told me they were out of stock and they might never get these back. No online shop had it and everyone refunded money or called to say it was not there. But finally I got 2 from my list – Pink Pout and Stormy Pink.

Oct 29, 2012

Vintage Lipstick from 1951 - Revlon Lustrous Lipstick 740 Certainly Red Swatch and Review

"Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. 
That, or a kick-ass red lipstick." - Gwyneth Paltrow 

Red lipsticks have an effect on everyone. When I wear them, I feel more sophisticated, more refined.  I always wish for a perfect red lipstick but then where will I wear them? Suddenly, I realized it is the festive season and you can dress up as you wish to! I went on a hunt for a red lipstick. I wanted something creamy but long lasting and pigmented. 

Texture : I  love the formula. It glides smoothly. Does not require a balm underneath. Leaves behind a tint. It is opaque and there are no issues even for the most pigmented lips. It so opaque that you can just dab it on your pout and still get awesome color. Top it with a gloss and Ohhh la laaa. Full marks! I already have a good relation with Revlon Lustrous Lipstick. I have Kiss me Coral and it is so far the best coral for me. 

Color : It is certainly The Red. Does not show any pink undertones on my lips but is surely blue based. So, no yellow teeth. Love, love, love.

Oct 28, 2012

Joy To My Hair - Lush H'Suan Wen Hwa Hair Moisturized for your Thirsty Manes

I used it yesterday and I have never seen my hair this happy.

Whats the fuss? Most mask irritate my scalp and give a burning sensation. The ones aviaable in market are generally full of silicons which cause burning sensation,  make roots weak in long run and hence, cause lot of hair fall. If I try the home made ones then most of them was a tough job to take off. I once applied a banana - took me 1 hour of scratching my scalp and hair to clean my hair hence causing more damage than repair. Or are super smelly - yes Mr. Egg, I am talking to you. Or have a very temporary effect like beer (if you can get some beer then try rising hair with flat beer - gives a shine but not long lasting)

Oct 26, 2012

Orangy Fun with Colorbar Obsessed Orange Lipstick and Orange Mimosa Nail Paint

Do you match your nails with lips? If you do then I salute you. Its a tough task to match - first you have to have the exact color match and second how can you change nail paint everyday or wear the same lipstick for an entire week?

Anyways, this is just a pic of me having fun with my favorite and only combo - 

Orange Mimosa - My fav orange nail polish - something that does not make hands darker like other orange nail polish. I will repurchase this my whole life. Best orange nail paint ever. No doubt this is number as '01' by Colorbar. 

Obsessed Orange - It makes me look like I just had a lot of orange fizzy drink. Does not make teeth look yellow. It does not at all drying but nothing moisturizing either. I wish it left a better tint on my lips when its gone. 

Yummy Yummy - Body Shop Dragon Fruit Lip Butter Review and Swatch

Yummy and this single words summarizes what all I have to saw about this. Its a lip butter from Body Shop Foundation and the profits from the sales will go to a charity of our choice. In case you are not aware then read about it in the promotional picture below.

Click on the image to see the enlarged version

Goodies From Lush Online Store - How My Opinion Changed About the Brand

If u had asked me four months back then I would have said all ill words about Lush. I could not imagine how anyone would spend so much on skincare when they might be unsure even it will suit you or not. My first buy was a year back when I got Trichomania solid shampoo and Sweet Lips scrub. Trichomania didn't work and I got itchy scalp. It ended up as a shower cream because of the amazing smell.

Then why I shopped from Lush? Four month back, my skin ritual was simple. A light home made pack everyday and moisturize moisturize moisturize. When I came to Kolkata, there was a 180 degree turn in my skin texture. It became oily and acne prone. I could not like with that. I tried various masks (other than the home made one as I am still out of sandal powder) and face wash to keep up with the oil well that my face has become but nothing helped. Finally I decided I required something new. With all my guts I decided to try LUSH! - A very big step for me considering my previous experience. They suggested me Aqua Marina cleanser and my skin is completely under my control now *touch wood* It still does not have much glow but at least no acne. And I finished my first tub and this is the new one *smiling*

Then why am I so confident about them this time? I just realized something that I was not aware when I made my first purchase. They give samples. You can try to check if the product actually suits you or not. This time I consulted them for a hair moisturizer as I need to pamper my hair at times and they have gleefully send me a sample for HSuan Wen Hwa for one time use. They have also sent me Honey I washed the Kids because I am confused with the smell and wanted to try it to make sure it’s not too sweet for my taste.

Heart Breaker from Bourjois Paris - Khol And Contour 16H With Built-in Sharpner in Noir Expert Review with Smudge Test

I need to not say this but I am in love with Bourjois. Anyone reading this blog for few months would have realized it. I have reviewed products from Bourjois back to back in this blog. But today I am gonna talk about another side of Love - you read it correct my dear *wink*

A black kohl is something that every Indian girl owns. Even if she is a NO-MAKEUP-GIRL, kohl or a black liner will definitely be in her vanity/dressing table/bag. So, when I need to buy something more online JUST to make sure I do not have to pay for shipping, I hunt for either baby wipes or kohls (What is up with online makeup stores now? Why is everyone increasing thier free shopping threshold?). Then, I was introduced to  Bourjois Paris Khol And Contour 16H Noir Expert. I had seen it in stores but then I thought I had too many black kohls to finish.....women!!! (starting singing 'Womania' in mind...ohhh womania...aaa womania)


Enriched with pure pigments, this kohl allows for an intense result from the very first stroke that lasts for up to 16 hours.
Its soft and blendable formula is ideal to apply on both inner and outer rims of the eye.
Hypoallergenic, with natural wax and vitamin E, it's gentle on the delicate eye contour area.
The built-in pencil sharpener can be used for all the Khol & contour eyepencil range.

Oct 23, 2012


I know, I am not posting regularly for more than a week now - Sorry about that. I am in a complete pampering mood these day - lazy as a cat. These things have recently become my prized possession - Fossil Rose Gold Watch and MAC Dear Dairy, Cosmo, Booyaahh and Mehr. I am shouting Boooyaahhhhh now inside my head and this is not just it - there is more.

My favorite snacks from Halram's. In case you are wondering why I am so happy for something from Haldiram's then here is the answer - There is no Haldiram's in Kolkata (only Haldiram and Haldiram's Prabhuji) and I am addicted to Navrattan and Mint Lachcha.  

And yes Boy is in town. Quite an issue of juggling time with him, family and friends but I am enjoying everything. Ohh and I also won competition  An outline was given to us with few material and we had to do her makeup in 5 mins...ahemmm....and I got the first prize!

Oct 18, 2012

MAC Making Pretty Collection - Ohh Dear Ohhhh Dear

If you are still praying to get hold of a Marilyn Monroe lipstick or still drooling over the Glamour Daze collection, then behold yourself for another collection with a completely different packaging - MAC Making Pretty Collection.

Modern makeup darlings are dressed up in richly textured faux shagreen in a pale dusty pink, detailed with a rose-gold signature bow. Features: Lipstick, Sheer Mystery Powder, Iridescent Powder/Loose. And, for professional results, the Making Pretty Brush Set /Face & Eye with exclusive versions of 136 Face Powder Brush for sculpting, blending, highlighting and 282 All Over Eye Shader Brush for building and blending intense color on eye lids.

Making Pretty Lipstick -  They are priced at 28 USD! Don't you think its too much?
  • 3N Milky -  pastel pink (Lustre)
  • Runaway Red  - Rich red-blue (Satin)

Oct 10, 2012

Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter Launched in India [Edited]

To everyone who was desperately waiting for Colorburst Lip Butter - the wait is over (I think!).

Every time any company launches anything in the market, there are ads all over the place or at least the promo done by bloggers by the PR announcements. I have not seen any Indian bloggers saying anything about the launch which means either it is not being launched (noooooo!!!) or the PR are not much active about it.  [ Edit - I have started to see them - many are posting the reviews as well ]

Now out of the blue, what made me think that they are to be launched? The FB announcements.....

Check them the recent images added by Revlon India FB page.

Oct 8, 2012

200th Blog Post and 100000 Hits - Thanks Everyone!

Thanks Everyone. I am kinda wordless situation presently. I was not keeping a look and all of a sudden realized this.

Made this pic in MS Paint :)

Have a nice day and thanks for reading this blog.

PS: I am gonna run away to somewhere I can enjoy this feel properly :D

Oct 3, 2012

MAC Glamour Daze Collection with Guilty Passions Collection - The Most Feminie Makeup Ever! - Awesome Gift Sets

Ready to tempted??? I was drooling over this collection the whole day! Everything is lovely in this collection. Great care for packaging! They are supposed be launched for Christmas - lets hope it comes here soon!

So, ladies, start drooling

The aura of couture, the drama of the dressing room, the glamour of getting ready to step out for the holidays. Sweet to sexy, lips to nails. An unforgettable look emerges with the shimmer of M·A·C Extra Dimension Skinfinish and Powder Blush. Evening eyes are done in Extra Dimension Eye Shadow, Fluidline and False Lashes. And, the festive finishing touches: Lipglass in Pink Fade and Nail Lacquer in Endless Night.

Extra Dimension Eyeshadow(Limited Edition)

A Natural Flirt  - Soft peachy n*de
Evening Grey - Steel silver
Divine Blue - Mid-tone aqua
Ready to Party - Pale lilac
Round Midnight - Dark burgundy
Stolen Moment - Dark taupe
Stylishly Merry - Mid-tone dusty violet
Tall, Dark, & Handsome - Black with pearl

Extra Dimension Skinfinish (Limited Edition)

Superb - Soft peachy n*de with multidimensional shimmer
Whisper of Gilt - Light soft white gold with shimmery sheen


Catch My Eye - Cool taupe grey with dazzle pearl
Feminine Edge - Pink mauve with dazzle pearl
Little Black Bow - Charcoal with dazzle pearl

Powder Blush  (Limited Edition)

Easy Manner - Light dirty peach
I’m the One - Mid-tone blue pink
Small Vanity - Dusty rose tan


False Lashes Black Black

Nail Lacquer(Limited Edition)

Endless Night - Pale grey pink with iridescent pearl
Girl Trouble  - Super glitter pink
Everything that Glitters - Black with super multidimensional glitter
In the Limelight - Mid-tone creamy mint

Lipstick (Limited Edition)

Beauty - Pale cool pink (Glaze)
Innocence - Soft coral (Frost)
Outrageously - Fun Mid-tone magenta violet (Cremesheen)
Glamourdaze - Mid-tone creamy plum (Cremesheen)
Dramatic Encounter - Deep purple (Amplified)

Lipglass(Limited Edition)

Impossibly Sweet - Sheer soft pink with multidimensional pearl
Pink Fade - Light creamy pink
Talk Softly to Me - Light creamy coral pink
Deliciously Demure - Soft cool brown with pearl
Flight of Fancy - Rich purple

Kohl Power Eye Pencil (Limited Edition)

Raven - Intense black with red pearl
Orpheus - Intense black with gold pearl
Mystery - Intense black with green pearl
Feline - Intense black with black pearl

And now the Cutest Part  - Guilty Passions Collection

Loved it? I know!! I hope it comes to India soon. 

PS: I got hold of Dear Diary and Booyah!!. Boy got it for me (thanks thanks thanks) but I will ONLY get them when I meet him the next time.

Image/ Info Source 123

Oct 2, 2012

4 New Shades in Maybelline Colorama Nail Polish Swatch - Absinto, Noite Quente, Bale Classico, Equilibrista

Keeping up with my Love for Maybelline Nail Polishes, I got hold of the new launched ones in India. I had them from past 2-3 weeks but the laziness in me prevailed and this post got delayed.

The latest lauched ones are very light and summery. I wish they were launched few months back in summer.

*** Absinto ***

Mint with fine shimmer that hardly show up the pic - only the shimmer is Absent-O here! In the post of love for mint, I posted a pic of the bottle with flash and the shimmer is shown in that.
Similar to this, I have Flormar 424 is tad darker on the greener side and does not have the minute shimmer like this one. 

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