Sep 27, 2012

Wish-listed - MAC Marilyn Monroe and Beth Ditto Collections Made Me Drool

Two collections from MAC - one for Summer and one for the Holiday. Both did something to me - Drool, drool, drool. I have a 1K rule (do not buy any makeup item which costs more than 1000 INR) and so, MAC was always a NO for me. But finally I have made my mind and things I am buying from Morilyn Monroe and Beth Ditto Collections are - 

MAC Marilyn Monroe - Has to be one of the lipsticks because of the superb reds. I never...NEVER..wear red but then I have to have a nice one. I thought about Ruby Woo for long but then they looked weird on me! Anyways, this time I am going for - Charmed I’m Sure (Dark true red) (Matte) or Deeply Adored (Deep scarlet) (Matte). The names did half the job and the other half was done by the swatches I saw online. I also had Forever Marilyn, Legendary Pale (soft coral ) and The Perfect Cheek (Neutral pink beige) but because of the bad reviews, I am holding myself back...but look at them....soooo pretty!!! 

Dear Marilyn, 

When are you coming to India?


MAC Beth Ditto - Powder to the People (the one with the polka dots) was on the top of my lips but the fact that they are not pigmented killed it for me......sigh...polka dots!!! I am buying 2 Pro Longwear Lipcreme - Booyah!!! and Dear Diary.

So, I am finally breaking my 1K rule for the lip cremes. ONLY this time.

I also got to know that Baby Lips are also in my town - this Saturday is going to be Shopping Saturday - I am writing in my Diary - Booyah!!!

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