Sep 2, 2012

Wear This : Polka Dots - The Love Was Never Hidden

My love of Polka dots is not hidden. Hey! Look at my blog template! Its always been polka dots for me. Of all the cloths I got from Delhi this time - half of them were Polka Dots! I am not sure what happened to me there. I got polka dots wedges, tank top, umbrella, shirt, cropped top, summer dress and what not. And I already have a polka dotted makeup pouch.

Here are some nice way polka dots were wore all round the globe. Most pics are around a year old but I do not think polka dots can ever get old and boring. So, Enjoy! 

Want that elephant clutch. A women though her camera always attracts - mysterious and talented.
*Makes a mental note to get a pic clicked like that wearing the Forever 21 polka top.......smiles like a silly girl*


Got something similar in the exact blue. Found it in SN but skipped it thinking I have too many polka dots but got it the next day in GK. I was also eyeing a jumpsuit there but somehow controlled myself.

More than the pants, I loved the snakeskin print bag. I got a snake skin wallet from Nine West. Loving it.

And the Lady who killed it! Kate Winslet at the premiere of Mildred Pierce wearing a Stella McCartney midi dress. Classy and elegant but I didn't liked the shoes.

I do not think anyone is out there as crazy as me about polka dots but still asking - Do like polka dots? I once painted my toes - polka dots style.

PS: All images from,, unless otherwise stated. I do not own any of them.
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