Sep 21, 2012

Pantene Pro V All Day Smooth Miracle Water Review

I saw this a few days back on the selves of a multi-brand outlet. 
'Beat dryness and humidity in any weather'  -  Can anything sound more miraculous than this? Specially in monsoon. I instantly grabbed and did a happy dance. Was it worth it? Let's see.

Read the words on the product. Doesn't it excite you as well?


Its gel like in texture and turns watery when rubbed between palm. It applies smoothly on your hair.

So, let look at its claims

Non-sticky water cream transforms into water for an ultra light finish and natural feel? Yes...kinda...not 100%. Sort of like Aloe Vera gels - not sticky but not creamy or smooth either.

Helps hair regain its ability to balance moisture to lock in essential moisture and shut out excess humidity? BIG NO.

All day smooth hair in any weather - beat dryness and humidity? Not even on sunny days!! Yes, its humid in here but that is your job - manage hair in humidity!

This is a regret product and please do not buy this. I do not know how I will finish it up as it neither acts as a hair serum or a leave-in conditioner nor a hair styling product - It simply sits on your hair doing nothing and allowing your hair to do all the craziness that the hair wishes to - maybe even encourages them - who knows?

Money that I put down the drain - 159 INR - I could have feed a hungry man down the street and now I feel worse.


  1. another dud :(
    thnx fr the review.
    will stay away from this

    1. please stay away. You have beautiful hair so, please don't ruin them by using this!

  2. I've never seen this!Where did you get the dud from??

  3. I know, it's really a dud, am finishing it by using it as a gel at gym and then as soon as am done with gym, I wash it off thinking maybe it works like a conditioning mask but it really does nothing.

    1. I know! Even I tried it as deep conditioning mask but it does NOTHING

  4. thanx for an honest review dear

  5. i had high hopes before reading the full review....try the dove overnight repair treatment(think dats the name...too lazy to get up n chk)..its like a serum n makes the hair soft n frizz free plus it smells good and does not weigh the hair of the products i actually like from the brand coz their shampoos n conditioners break me out!!

    1. looks like you found your dream product ! Thanks for sharing Soph

    2. looks like u found ur dream product. Thanks for sharing Soph

  6. i use pantene ,same like u lol

    btw if you dont mind,follow me back-->

  7. thanks fr the great review!!
    and hey ive tagged u in a post on my blog... do check it out thanks :)


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