Sep 9, 2012

Minted! - Mint Satchel - Mint Loafers - Mint Polishes

My recent purchase from BK market - pastel Blue (it was just a little bit more blue to be called mint..eesshh) for just 400 INR! Could you believe this? That too without any bargaining. I was so happy with the shopkepper that I got these mint loafer (or they should be called something else? Please correct me if I am wrong). They are also for 400 (or was it 350?). 
Also, a animal print satchel for 450 INR! Its B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L.

Sorry, I could not tie them properly. 
Yeah - truth of my life - Understands Calculas but cannot tie shoe lace!

The close to mint nail polishes - Colorbar Exclusive 15, Flomar 424 and Colorama Absinto.

The biggest problem is it is mint or pastel green or pastel blue? The line is just too fine every single time - specially in the artificial lights in the stores. 

Do you also like Mint? This reminds me that I have to get a mint drink Now! Like - RIGHT NOW!

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