Sep 3, 2012

Bourjois Paris Beauty Full Volume Mascara Review and Swatch

Ever since I first realized how mascara can transform your eyes and looks overall, I am hooked to them. But I only use the washable ones because I am scared that my eyelashes will fall off with all the fight I have to do with them while removing them but somehow this black and pink was too eager to come inside my vanity. Presenting - Bourjois Beauty Full Volume Mascara.

The USP of this product is its dense brush. Well, brushes never work for me somehow I thought lets give this pretty beauty a chance.



A mega lash styling cylindrical brush for 10x volume and perfectly even coating.

Beauty'Full Volume reconciles volume and flexible hold for silky smooth lashes without that stiff look!

Its mega lash styling brush with regularly perfectly coats lashes and builds extreme volume in just a few strokes. Extreme volume and no clumps guaranteed.

Its mousse formula builds instant volume to lashes and can be applied layer upon layer without clogging, for intense black lashes. This lightweight formula can be easily removed with a classic make-up remover.

INTENSE VOLUME: 90% of women agree
FLEXIBLE SILKY LASHES: 83% of women agree

Good to know: the Beauty'full Volume natural wax based formula is enriched with vitamin B5 and Vitamin E derivative. Free of parabens, it is also suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

*Scientifically tested on 33 women
**User test on 29 women

On My Lashes

Bourjois Beauty Full Mascara. Tightlined with Maybelline Colossal Kajal

My Words :

As you can see for yourself, I almost have no lashes (and yes that's why I do not want to fight with them while removing a waterproof mascara).  Now the wand is big, fat and has dense brush so, when it coats, it does a wonderful job. But unlike her sister Bourjois Max Volume Glamour Mascara, this does not have tiny bristles on the tip so that I cannot use it on the tiny lashes on the lower line. Also, the wand does not taper towards the tip as a result it is a tough job even to use it on the tiny ones on the upper lash near the eye corner. You have in be in master in applying mascara to complete the act. All in all, I could use only for the comparative longer on the outer corner of upper lash line. Also, to perfectly curl it up, I tend to use a tiny bit more and it start to mistake but then what did the mascara does? It does not cover up all my lashes and do not even curl or add volume as expected.

Some good things about the mascara - it feels a bit heavy in the beginning but then it feels light. It does not make them stiff even after it dries completely.



+ Sturdy packaging but the print is coming off even thought it has traveled very less in my make up bag.
+ Will be nice for the those with longer lashes.
+ Does not flakes
+ Does not feel heavy on lashes even thought they seem a bit heavy in the beginning.
+ Does not make lash stiff.
+ Long stay.
+ Dries fast as its a creamy finish mascara.
+ No Parabens.


- Does nothing for smaller lashes
- The price for 475 INR might be ouch for a lot of people
- Clumps but only when applied more.

Final Words - I am sure this will be great for all the ladies with long lashes who need volume. Ladies with tiny lashes - keep one arm distance from this!

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