Sep 20, 2012

Belts from Forever New and Globus - Animal Print, Burnt Orange And Bow

To all the Indian drenched in Festive Shopping - Is the shopping done? For me it never happens till the last minute. Something or other is always missing. I wore something one black dress on Sunday to attend SP Fashion Week Kolkata and I realized  - I do not have my belt for this dress ! It's still packed in some bag in Boy's house along with all the other belts I have! BELT EMERGENCY  - BELT EMERGENCY - BELT EMERGENCY. And all fashion emergencies have only one solution - Shopping...woooo...hooooooo.

So, after searching every store in South City - I found the one I needed - a Waist belt - the green one with a golden bow.

But how can a emergency be solved with just ONE belt? So, I sneeked out of my office after lunch yesterday and got two more

Black with partial textured Animal Print and Burnt Orange belt from Globus.  The black one is my favorite for sure.

Green with Bow - Forever New - 600 INR - its almost FREE for something from Forever
Black with partial textured Animal Print - Globus - 349 INR
Burnt Orange - Globus  - 349 INR

So, back to the question - All you shopping is done for the festive season? If yes, then  -  seriously?? 
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