Sep 30, 2012

Maybelline Haul And Offers - Keychains, Eyeshadow Brush And...... Umbrella!!!


Few week back, I went to every SA in the city asking for Baby Lips. Initially shooed me away saying there is nothing like that! Later on when they realized their mistake, they started saying - next week. I ended up giving my number to all the SAs so, that they could inform me when it comes. Luckily I found a new SA in a shop in New Market and I gave her my number just to keep up with the ritual *wink*. And then I saw the offers - "Umbrella? You are giving umbrella as gifts? Please keep one for me when I come next week." She just smiled.

Mid week I got a SMS saying they have baby lips and color tattoo and it was from a shop in New Market. I have given my number to 2-3 shops in New Market alone so, I messaged back saying I will come on Saturday so, keep my umbrella ready. Cut to Saturday - I went to one of the shops in New Market and asked her about the umbrella. 

She said - "Okay but then you will not get the key chains and eye shadow brush!" 

I walked out of the store and realized - this was not the shop I saw the umbrella! 

So, I went to another one and the first question I asked - "Umbrella?" 
"Yes! (saying to other says) She even said that in the message!" 
"But you will give me the key chain and eye shadow brush as well!" 
"Yessss.....Now choose what you need!" 

And I choose

Color Tattoo - Bad to Bronze and Edgy Emerald - Eye Shadow Brush Free with each
Baby Lips - Mango and Coral Crush - A Pucker Up Baby Key Chain Holder Free with each
Dream Lumi Touch Concealer in Honey (the darkest shade) 

Other then that for shopping of 1500 INR - 
Umbrella - Pink or Purple
Shopping Bag (Had no interest in this and so, haven't even checked)

On shopping of 2000 INR 
Trousseau Box

And now presenting the object which decided the shop I shopped in - Purple Umbrella

8 Shades of Maybelline Color Tattoo Swatches in India

Yes! Yesterday was Shopping Saturday! I got things from Maybelline which i will share in a hour or two (maybe late because my USB dongle is enjoying his Sunday!). I was too delighted yesterday when I swathed them and I forgot to too it off in the store. They are such long lasting that I could not take it off by rubbing! I roamed everywhere with the swatches on my hand.

Sep 27, 2012

Wish-listed - MAC Marilyn Monroe and Beth Ditto Collections Made Me Drool

Two collections from MAC - one for Summer and one for the Holiday. Both did something to me - Drool, drool, drool. I have a 1K rule (do not buy any makeup item which costs more than 1000 INR) and so, MAC was always a NO for me. But finally I have made my mind and things I am buying from Morilyn Monroe and Beth Ditto Collections are - 

MAC Marilyn Monroe - Has to be one of the lipsticks because of the superb reds. I never...NEVER..wear red but then I have to have a nice one. I thought about Ruby Woo for long but then they looked weird on me! Anyways, this time I am going for - Charmed I’m Sure (Dark true red) (Matte) or Deeply Adored (Deep scarlet) (Matte). The names did half the job and the other half was done by the swatches I saw online. I also had Forever Marilyn, Legendary Pale (soft coral ) and The Perfect Cheek (Neutral pink beige) but because of the bad reviews, I am holding myself back...but look at them....soooo pretty!!! 

Dear Marilyn, 

When are you coming to India?


Sep 26, 2012

Deborah Milano Shine Tech Nail Polish Swatch 60 And 35

I guess you have never seen me with dark color nail polishes. I realized this while doing the tag post. I always prefer the lighter shades because even if they chip a little bit – it’s hard to spot. Finally I got over my inhibitions and got these two colors from Deborah Milano.

Sep 25, 2012

TAG POST - This or That

I was tagged by Poorva here for This-Or-That tag post. I am never able to do the tag post but this one was smart and quick to do.




Has to be nothing else but Blush. Now-a-days I am not even using Blush.


Lipstick. I have only 3 lipgloss (One reviewed here) and none are used.


Depends on the time of the year. Most of the time - NOTHING


Sparkly but never OTT coz my eyes are smaller compared to my face.


Gel eyeliner. Cannot work with liquids.


Nothing. Yes! Nothing. If I have to have to have to use something on my face then I use my a little bit of Bourjois Healthy Mix with Bourjois Perfect Balance Powder


Refer to the previous question.


I like Statement but 99.99% of the time its Neutral.




Pressed. I have never worked on loose. Will you consider the L’Oreal ones as Loose?


Mascara? Non-waterproof. Did I just gave you a mid heart attack? He he..yes…non-waterproof.

Everything else - Waterproof


Sponges – Never

Brushes - when in home

Fingers – when in hurry.

Sep 21, 2012

Pantene Pro V All Day Smooth Miracle Water Review

I saw this a few days back on the selves of a multi-brand outlet. 
'Beat dryness and humidity in any weather'  -  Can anything sound more miraculous than this? Specially in monsoon. I instantly grabbed and did a happy dance. Was it worth it? Let's see.

Read the words on the product. Doesn't it excite you as well?

Shu Umera Eyelash Curler In My Mailbox! I Won Asian Beautifier's Giveaway

Thank Sonali - Hugs and Kisses to her! Some of you might have know already that I won the giveaway. Sonali of Asian Beautifier (she does awesome FOTDs - do check them out) organized a giveaway with the Naked Palette but I wanted not the first prize but the second - Shu Umera Eyelash Curler because it is something I wish to have but will never spend my money. Naked? I CAN buy it *wood touch* but I am not willing to do it.

Anyways, Mom called while I was travelling back from office

Me : What?
Ma : There is a parcel in the letter box with your name but no one ringed the bell. Who could be it?
Me (thinking) : what it might be....
Ma : I have not touched it but it has a seal saying 'Custom Cleared'
Me (thinking) :  I have not shopped from for ages and have never give my Kolkata address to anyone. Who could be it?......Ohhhhh Myyy God....SONALI!!!
Me :  Please take it and keep it safely  - its very very precious.
Ma : But I left home and its still in the letter box
Me (thinking) : What if someone picks it up? Gasp

So, with my heart in my mouth I reached home and found the Queen on the stamp smiling at me...ahhhh the feeling you get your international packages reaches you safely in not comparable  to ANYTHING under the sun.

Sep 20, 2012

The Body Shop Limited Edition Vineyard Peach Shower Gel Review

The moment I hear LIMITED EDITION I start feeling uncomfortable. What if it is not good and I end up wasting money or worse - what if the product is so damn awesome that I get hooked to it? Gasp. I had that same worse feeling when I got Vineyard Peach - completely hooked to it!

Vineayard Peach is a limited edition range from The Body Shop having a shower gel, body scrub,  body butter and a body lotion. I wanted them all but somehow just got the shower gel because body butters and body lotions are hardly used in this humid summer. Saying NO to the scrub was heart-breaking.

Belts from Forever New and Globus - Animal Print, Burnt Orange And Bow

To all the Indian drenched in Festive Shopping - Is the shopping done? For me it never happens till the last minute. Something or other is always missing. I wore something one black dress on Sunday to attend SP Fashion Week Kolkata and I realized  - I do not have my belt for this dress ! It's still packed in some bag in Boy's house along with all the other belts I have! BELT EMERGENCY  - BELT EMERGENCY - BELT EMERGENCY. And all fashion emergencies have only one solution - Shopping...woooo...hooooooo.

So, after searching every store in South City - I found the one I needed - a Waist belt - the green one with a golden bow.

But how can a emergency be solved with just ONE belt? So, I sneeked out of my office after lunch yesterday and got two more

Black with partial textured Animal Print and Burnt Orange belt from Globus.  The black one is my favorite for sure.

A Showcase of Pearls by Susan Mantosh with Showstopper Raima Sen for Signature Premium Fashion Week Kolkata

One lesson I learnt after attending the fashion week was that posting for a show is really difficult. Hence, the slow speed in posting them. This post is about the wonderful pearls jewelery that Susan Mantosh showcased in Signature Premium Fashion Week Kolkata.

All the pearls are real. Some of the pearls are colored as well. Here, take a look at them -

Sep 17, 2012

Monapali for Signature Premier Fashion Week Kolkata '12

The last show of Day 2 of Signature Premier Fashion Week Kolkata was presented by the designer duo - Mona Lamba and Pali Sachdev - Monapali

The moment the first model walked in all my attraction went to the feet - Shoes - A woman's greatest weakness. But it took me time to realize they were socks with flowers on them. Each of the models had a completely different pair and great care for symmetry was taken. After the mystery over the shoes socks got over for me, it was time for the outfits. So, go ahead and take a look. Keeping up with the theme of handloom for Fashion Week Kolkata - there was use of cotton and lot hand woven fabrics.

Official Announcement - I Was There At Signature Premier Fashion Week Kolkata (with Caviar Nails!)

Why was I missing during the weekend? Coz I was attending the Fashion Week Kolkata! Why have I not declared about it before? Coz it felt too good to be true and so, I was not sure till the last moment I was there though I had All Days - All Access Pass!

The best of it was the shows but what I enjoyed more was being with the girls all the times and tons of people whom I met there. It was great fun.

The main theme of most shows revolved around handlooms, weavers of Bengal and comfortable blends of cloths - which was the main theme of the show.

DAY1 14th Sept '12- I was note even aware that I had a All Days - All Shows pass! I realized it when I was in office  and I could not have attended it anyways so, I skipped it. Shit!

DAY2 15th Sept '12 - I was there for two shows. There was lot of fun in Agnimitra Paul's show where models walking on the ramp chewing Pan on the tones of Gangs on Waseypur by DJ Askhay  - Tanik Palatkar Toh Dekhiye! Then the Madhubani prints, creative drapping and wonderful layering by Monapali.

DAY3 16th Sept '12 - I was there the whole day - the first bloggers to reach and the last one to leave - nothing that I wished to do but it happened that way. I will talk about all the shows one by one. The best part was I got to see Raima Sen!

DAY4 17th Spet '12 - I am not going. I am sure the show by Manoviraj Khosla is gonna be stunning but I cannot be there today.

And BTW I tried Caviar Nails for the shows - had to be BOLD in some way!

Sep 13, 2012

Online Shopping Experience - VioletBag.Com

I recently realized how wonderful the Revlon Matte lipsticks are. Problem? No one have them! I went to the multi-brand outlets of Revlon but other than Colorburst, nothing is in stock. In few they hardly had the testers. So, the savior from those irritating SA - online shopping. But I could not find the ones I required anywhere and then I discovered - The VioletBag.Com.

VioletBag.Com had 2 of the 4 shades I required. I registered instantly and found 250 Violet Points! I had no idea what to do with it so I placed my order - 2 Revlon Lippes and 1 Maybelline Nail Polish that my cousin liked from my Maybelline Colorama Collection. The total amount was more than 1000 so I was entitled for a FREE gift. How cool is that? Can you expect any more pampering?

But then the rainbows were gone when they replied that one of the Revlon lipstick was not in stock. I was heartbroken. 
A. I may never have the Revlon Lipstick in my life. 
B. Free Gift! Gone!!

Cute Discovery - The Rouge Patisserie and Cafe

"Holly Golightly: You know those days when you get the mean reds? 

Paul Varjak: The mean reds, you mean like the blues? 

Holly Golightly: No. The blues are because you're getting fat and maybe it's been raining too long, you're just sad that's all. The mean reds are horrible. Suddenly you're afraid and you don't know what you're afraid of. Do you ever get that feeling?
Paul Varjak: Sure. 

Holly Golightly: Well, when I get it the only thing that does any good is to jump in a cab and go to Tiffany's. Calms me down right away. The quietness and the proud look of it; nothing very bad could happen to you there. If I could find a real-life place that'd make me feel like Tiffany's, then - then I'd buy some furniture and give the cat a name!"

- Memorable Qoute from Breakfast at Tiffany's

For me the place is a pastry shop. When I was in Noida, I used to go to Theos in sector 50 market when I got any bad feeling. Fixed order - Blueberry Pastry. Boy got me that first time to say sorry (yet the road to MY heart is though my stomach) and ever since I am hooked to it. Cut to Kolkata. There are a lot of pastry shop but none which could delight me. Nobody had blueberry pastry and those who had was nothing like the ones I used to have in Theos. But then found - The Rouge - The Red to take away the Mean Reds (nice catch line no? I guess the owners haven't thought about it!)

I was around this area and I saw the shop - it was so damn dreamy! I was in great hurry so I headed where I had to but later came back just to look what was inside. Wanna see what tempted me?

Sep 11, 2012

The Body Shop Lily Cole Lip And Cheek Dome Pinch Me Pink

The first time I saw them the thought that came to my minds was – BIG PINK GEMS! You always have a favorite color - mine is blue. But, I it was never pink – well before I saw this.

Lily Cole – Lip and Cheek Dome in Pinch Me Pink – A limited edition lip and cheek product launched by The Body Shop whichs claims to be cruelty free – No Bug shells, No Animal Testing.


Sep 10, 2012

Simple Hibiscus Nail Art - White and Pink on Pastel Green

Do you like Hibiscus? This nail art is a sort of hibiscus but I could not use reds so, here it is with pink on white on a pastel green base. Hope you like it.

Sep 9, 2012

Minted! - Mint Satchel - Mint Loafers - Mint Polishes

My recent purchase from BK market - pastel Blue (it was just a little bit more blue to be called mint..eesshh) for just 400 INR! Could you believe this? That too without any bargaining. I was so happy with the shopkepper that I got these mint loafer (or they should be called something else? Please correct me if I am wrong). They are also for 400 (or was it 350?). 
Also, a animal print satchel for 450 INR! Its B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L.

My Maybelline Colorama Nail Polish Collection - ( 15 So Far )

I wanted to show/swatch them for a very long time but then came the location issue (in my home in Kolkata I am yet to decide where to click pics so that I can get the best) camera issue (which is why I am still using my mobile to click pics), then the Indian monsoon because of which there is no Sun and I click pics only under sunlight. But finally thought its raining and I had to click them under shade - I could not stop myself any longer. So, here are all the Colorama Nail Polish that I have.

My first Colorama was Black and I told you the story long back.I have 15 Colorama now - Only 13 in the pic as I forgot 2 while clicking the pic.

 I have always loved them for their quality, drying power, and stay. They are now priced at 100 INR but I have them for even 85 or less when I got them from online websites.

I have always wonders what the Cremso and other details mean because I am yet to formalize a theory depending on 2 colors with the same name. Do you know what they stand for? I asked many SA as well but they are not aware.

Sep 6, 2012

Bourjois Paris 1 Seconde Gel Nail Enamel 09 Lavande Esquisse Swatch and Review

This is one of the oldest polishes from Bourjois. Not as old as their blushes but yes, older than Anti Choc Nail enamels. So why I want to talk about them? They have launched new shades in this and I got one of them - 09 Lavande Esquisse.



Not only is our Bourjois 1 seconde Nail enamel easy and speedy to apply but it gives your nails that salon smooth finish in 1 second* thanks to its gel texture.

Its one-coat gel formula, enriched with silicon gives nails the perfect curve and an ultra glossy result. Its fan-effect brush adapts to the size of each nail for an ultra quick, neat and groomed result in just 1 second, with a single stroke!

Available in 14 trendy shades. Apply like a classic nail enamel. 

50 second** drying time.
*User test on 33 volunteers ** Scientifically test on 33 volunteers

Sep 4, 2012

Sep 3, 2012

Bourjois Paris Beauty Full Volume Mascara Review and Swatch

Ever since I first realized how mascara can transform your eyes and looks overall, I am hooked to them. But I only use the washable ones because I am scared that my eyelashes will fall off with all the fight I have to do with them while removing them but somehow this black and pink was too eager to come inside my vanity. Presenting - Bourjois Beauty Full Volume Mascara.

The USP of this product is its dense brush. Well, brushes never work for me somehow I thought lets give this pretty beauty a chance.

Delhi Shopping : Earrings from Forever 21

Finally Mine - Bourjois Paris 10 Days Anti-Choc 23 Swatch And A Sweet Compliment from Bourjois SA

Finally, this is mine. I wanted to have this since 9th Nov 2011. I am so specific because that was the day these were launched in Lifestyle GIP – Bourjois Paris 10 Days Nail Polish. Then started my ordeal. When I whet to GIP, it was out-of-stock. When it was stock I found that online shops were selling and so I felt its better to buy it with some off but none had 23. After my wait was over and 23 was in stock in some websites, the price was the same huge one – 380 INR. Yes, the price was what that was stopping me to get this. But even 10 months, I could not keep myself away from this and finally finally finally I Got This!

Sep 2, 2012

Maxfactor Max Effect Gloss Cube Wild Cherry 009 Review and Swatch

I was not born to use lip glosses. The case was true for lipsticks as well untill I realized the colors and texture that suit my lips and skin tone. So, I am on a journey to find THE lipgloss for me. 

Condition for Lip Gloss to come inside my vanity box - 

1. It must not have any form of glitter/sparkles. Once the gloss is gone, the glitters sticks on to lips making a ugly scene. Half of the glosses get filtered at this point for me.

2. Must have good pigmentation and should leave a tint behind. The sole purpose I am using any lip product is to hide my own lip color and enhance my skin tone. The rest half fails at this point.

But makeup world is huge and I finally found my match made in heaven - Maxfactor Max Effect Gloss Cube in Wild Cherry. 

I thought of getting another pink but then I should have some wild scandalous reds in my stash as well *wink*

Wear This : Polka Dots - The Love Was Never Hidden

My love of Polka dots is not hidden. Hey! Look at my blog template! Its always been polka dots for me. Of all the cloths I got from Delhi this time - half of them were Polka Dots! I am not sure what happened to me there. I got polka dots wedges, tank top, umbrella, shirt, cropped top, summer dress and what not. And I already have a polka dotted makeup pouch.

Here are some nice way polka dots were wore all round the globe. Most pics are around a year old but I do not think polka dots can ever get old and boring. So, Enjoy! 

Want that elephant clutch. A women though her camera always attracts - mysterious and talented.
*Makes a mental note to get a pic clicked like that wearing the Forever 21 polka top.......smiles like a silly girl*

Sep 1, 2012

Revlon Top Dry Nail Polish Launched in India - Peachy and

Around the time when I started this log, I had one thing in my wish list – a taupe nail polish (call them mushroom or greige but I am yet to realize the difference. I went to many interior decorators blog (they are much more fussy about color than beauty bloggers) and I am yet as stupid as I started with. Anyways my search always returned Revlon Stormy to be the only brand that was available in India. I was really happy about it but later I realized that it was not launched in India. I satisfied myself with Deborah Milano 57 but how could I say NO to it when I first saw them here. Yes, they are here – Revlon Top Speed. 

Revlon Top Speed™ ‘s patented formula delivers amazingly quick color, with a built-in topcoat that rises to the surface for a glossy, ultra smooth manicure- that sets in 60 seconds. The ColorPrecise™ brush ensures even, smooth, salon quality application every time.

Available in 32 shades. - only 27 in India - they missed Emrald *sob sob*

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