Aug 24, 2012

What Happened in Saket and Colorbar Opens a New Flagship Store

 When I was in Noida I always used to crib that I have to go all the way to Saket for the colorbar store. At times, I use to travel by metro for more than an hour just for the colorbar store. So, last week when I was there, the second point in my to-do-list was to visit Colorbar Saket. The first thing was obviously Forever 21 (was in store for more than 4 hours to make sure I didn't missed anything and the bill was around 5K)

Sight at Colorbar Saket - Filled with lot of new girls who are completely new to makeup and I could not find a single lady whom I recognized. Finally recognized one lady in that crowd and found that they all were new trainees. I was real early in the store (11AM!) and all the trainees were doing their own makeup. It was real fun!

I spotted a new variety of lipsticks along with our very favorite velvet ones

"How much are these?" 
A lady sweetly replies - "New Range - 300 INR"
A chain of thoughts hit me - 50 INR more than Velvet but new range so lets try this baby

At counter - "Add this. How much do I need to pay?" 
"*Some XYZ*" 
"But this is 300 right?" 
"No, 450" 
*in deep shock*  But I could not say NO and so I had to get it.

While going out I saw a really nice shade of green on her nails
"Which shades in colorbar? Mujhe Chahiye!" 
She replied with a smile - "Tips and Toes"

I almost had a mini heart attack. I wish I has said to her - Lady you are sitting in middle of the most gorgeous colors and you have on your nails a color of some other brand? Even Mehek rated them as the top 5 products from Indian Brands in Temptalia!

I entered the Lips Don't Lie - a Colorbar Event (the first pic in the post). Read about that in Pooja's Blog but the last date is up *sorry*. Orange is Obsessed Orange and Pink is Lip Smacking Cherry

Colorbar in Noida - Yes, you heard it right and maybe why they had so many trainees who obviously are yet to finish their training. I was very delighted to see the store and I think one lady from the Saket store has shifted here. I went there and thanked them that they finally have a store here in Noida - no more 2 hours of train travel for a lipcolor! The lady said - you are always welcome. Ohh the warmth of a colorbar store. I wish they open more and more stores soon. I wish I could spot one in Kolkata ASAP.

PS: They were not aware that I took pics. I talked to them. They said NO. Went away. But, the readers in Noida MUST KNOW about this. Comes back. Acts to play with mobile but clicks pics. I am not a stalker right? 
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