Aug 5, 2012

My Shopping From L'Occitane En Provence's End Of Season Sale

Isn't it miraculous how just 4 alphabets make a beautiful word which make every single shopaholic heart skip a beat? I am not talking about LOVE but SALE. I will be visiting Delhi in few days and I am sure to shop till I drop there and hence I thought that I won't buy a single thing here but now you know what happen.

I really love their boutiques and how nicely they are kept and the sweet attending SAs. Specially the attention towards details by adding those flowers etc.

The flat 40% off is on most bath and body products and perfumes. The makeup items have flat 50% off.

Surprised? I said 50% off and on the display they have 40%. Even I was surprised. When they sent me a message it was flat 40%. I checked their website and found flat 50% on makeup and so I updated the sale information post accordingly. I asked them about this and even they were shocked. I told them that I personally have nothing to buy from makeup section but please check with your owner as I remember Tanvir had also commented that she two lipsticks so I was sure that even Mumbai had 50% off. The SAs were really sweet and they checked it everywhere they there was a discrepancy. Later, they found that all the standalone boutiques have 50% on makeup but as this particular boutique is inside another multi-brand outlet so some blah blah and not 50% off. 

Conclusion? Go to a standalone store and not the ones inside other multi-brand outlet. 

Got no store? Check their Online Store. They offer free delivery for 1000 and above. But I will still say that visit their stores. I have always found that the SAs are really sweet. Also, its too much about the smell - Bath & Body and perfumes - if you do not know 100% what you need then visit the store darling.

What I got? Another Cherry Blossom Solid Perfume and Cherry Blossom Shower Gel. I wish if there is any surgery or capsule such that my genes are manipulated so that I smell like Cherry Blossom...Ahhhhhh a girl can only dream. I am truly in love with it. Praying that the ETP also on sale someday.

Another limited edition solid perfume - Delice des Fleurs Solid Perfume. Yes, I have decided that I will not live without solid perfume anymore! Read the Cherry Blossom Solid Perfume review and you will know why.

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