Jul 9, 2012

To All My Reader - Thanks for Your Love....

This is a post dedicated to each one of you who ever visits this website, likes this blog or joined in G+. 

Thanks all for the love you gals/guys have shown for the past 6 months and I hope you continue to do so. 

Thanks for all the suggestions and every comment you provided 
(I was using Instant Database but then it started issues when the .com to .co.in happened and I lost many of your beautiful comments in the blog but I still have them will me. 
Only issue is when I open those post and see 0 comments *sob* *sob*).  

For all that inspiration and encouragement, I got the notable newbie award from BlogAdda.com. 

Thanks to Blog Adda team. (They actually mailed me first on March 16th but its worth the wait).

Thanks Again.....

Keep Smiling
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