Jul 22, 2012

The Frustration Haul! And Latest Offers on Stores!

When I was about to be transferred to Kolkata, my biggest concern was - makeup? How will I buy them? Well, even in Delhi, I used to buy online but then at times you need the latest ones which are yet to hit the stores! Anyways, I thought I won't buy ANYTHING (whom was I kidding!). Last Sunday, I just went mad and picked up whatever fell on my hand. Reason? I will tell you the offers currently in stores.

All Maybelline and L'oreal stuff - 15% flat off in Pantaloons.

Bourjois - They HAD the latest ones I need in all shades! Nothing was OOS! On top of it they had gifts. I got a nice bag :D Wanna see?

Deborah Milano - wanted to try the lipsticks and the SA even gave me a free eyeshadow! (The round brown gold one)

I hope you can sympathize with me for buying so much!

Other stuffs are brought online but then there are more which are missing in the picture. When I saw the big bright sun yesterday afternoon and picked up stuffs to my terrace to click pics, I missed a lot of them. When I came back to pick us the additional stuffs - it started to RAIN! Again! 

Want anything to be reviewed first?
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