Jul 20, 2012

Shop Boots Products In India - ONLINE!!!!

I have nothing else to do than browsing website and buying things online because my camera is broken and I do not know how to live without posting anything! A lot of my time now goes in buying online and reading (good for me *wink*). And just now I found something really amazing - BOOTS products online!!!

And that too in our very know website - Stylecraze!!!!

Boots Product Online in Stylecraze

You might be thinking that I must have got something but I didn't *big smile* because what I need is not there - Coconut and Almond Hair Treatment. Well, I have mailed them that I need it (lets see when thy bring it online *fingers crossed*)

PS: hoping that they add more stuffs from Boots

PPS: Pooja of IVC is the luckiest person for me. Only today morning I was cribbing that I need Boots stuffs and I am not getting any XOXO.

PPPS: I am neither getting paid by them for this post not they told me to do the post. I am soo happy that I felt I GOTS TO SHARE 
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