Jul 31, 2012

OOTD And A 4 Year Old Pic of Mine

Sorry for being missing for 5 days straight. I attended a wine event on Saturday and right after that got a bad news so was troubled personally. On Sunday it was too gloomy and Mondays are not my thing at all. I have a lot and lot to write about How to Taste and Pair Wine and I do not want just to copy paste what the PR has sent me. As usual I will be adding my own experiences as its thing which involves your senses and thanks to the event -my opinion towards wine has completely changed. I will talk about all that and the beautiful people I met in my next post. Also, I have to wait as I have not received all the pics from the other blogger. Remember? I camera is still broke! During the event I had lot of suicidal urges because of not having a camera but then I controlled myself somehow. 

I was wearing a dress that I got in 2008 from Vardhan Market (My visit there I think). I thought of wearing this again and with all the exact same accessories (with whatever I had after moving around more than 20 times in those 4 years!). 

How much do you think I have changed?  

(Sorry for the low resolution pic but I am sitting in my office doing this post. The source of the pics is my super dupper old orkut accounts (remember orkut?) edited in MSPaint. I had to be on my toes the time I was editing it - you won’t want anyone looking at your screen while you are editing your own pics!) If you say I have gained weight (which I have and I get to hear that too much as well) then I will come out of your computer screen and wring your neck for sure. NO KIDDING.

I was also wearing a Jeans Jacket which is also 4 year old. I was priced 1600 but got from Levis at 50% seasons discount. Funny thing is I had no intentions of wearing it. I had to go and give an exam somewhere after the event so I just need to look a bit serious. Any jacket or blazer would have done the work. Issue? I had nothing. Why is it like I shop the whole year round, each weekend and still when the need is, I do not have anything to wear? All my blazers, light coats etc are still in Delhi at Boy’s home safely inside a big box. So, I called Boy while I was in bus on the way to Vardhan Market (bunked office actually). He was in deep sleep when I called. 

“OK. You are sleeping.”
“Actaully I need a blazer. The blue one made of jeans” 
“But I need it” 

 I cancelled the call and started to think what should I get to pair with this. 

Phone rings after 30 mins. 

“I have sent it. You will get it tomorrow. Even if it’s the wrong one please do not tell me as I just wasted 30 mins of my sleep and 500 bucks on it. Going to sleep. bye” 

And before I could say anything – he was back to his sleep. So, even if I was melting under the scorching sun, I wore it. Luckily it rained later on. 

Exam? Ohh I skipped it. I cannot go to give an exam after 4 glasses of different wines and carrying bottle of wine in my hand!

Thanks to Anupriya for sharing the above pics.
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