Jul 23, 2012

Maybelline Swirl - Black and Silver + Brown and Gold For the Lasting Drama

I know that I am quite late in reviewing these beauties. But I wanted to review both of them together. Why? Because 2 is better than one. Period. I just want to stare at the beauties for hours but then it might have the effects of the hypnotism swirl. Who knows?

Claims of the Product

Ingredient of Maybelline Lasting Drama Swril Liner

Why these over any other gel liner? Inglot ones are costly and MAC is costlier. Of course the formula of the MAC ones are far far better. But for the general public spending 425 INR for a gel liner which comes with its own brush (which can used to make thin, thick or even winged look) with a cap and does not dries makes more sense. You are also getting 2 colors. So, mix and match to yours heart content and make that perfect color for you. On top of it, these are available on offs 10-15% time to time. (I got mine at 15% off from Pantaloon)

Yes, I wish we had more choices. Maybe a black with moss green, a purple with pink shimmer (like Colorbar Amethyst Spark) and more!

Stay and Formula? Well, they are gr8. I found the formula was smoother than my Maybelline Black one. I found that they are easier to glide on your lids and a very little amount on your brush tips is enough to line you eyes. As little quantity is used to used, they tend to stay longer. Yes, I just apply them in the morning and forget about them for the whole day. Yipppeee.

Swatch - Brown and Gold 

The brown is very dark so, it doesn't look odd on black eyes as well. The Gold is not super chunky and  more like a shimmer eyeshadow. The best effect is realized on mixing them both. The standing line in the middle has more brown and the sleeping one has more gold - nice nah?

Swatch - Black and Silver

The black is tad lighter than the original black gel liner (very hard to notice it fact. I realized it after checking it out in different lights).  The mixture of both does not give as awesome result as that of Brown and Gold. I might never actually use it!

Overall - Got to Pantaloon/Westside or any other multi brand store which is having the offer of 15% off and get the Brown and Gold one. Its very nice  great when you mix the colors. If you liked the black then I suggest the only black one from this range.

PS: I know the swirl might not last but then I realized that you can save it for longer by correct use. I will share it soon
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