Jul 9, 2012

I Saw a Bird Today and Realized.....

I saw this bird today. It was there for just a second. Luckily I had my mobile with me then. A play between the clouds, sun and something man made. Did you realized the bird flying high in the sky here?

Some more clouds and Sun from my Office window. 

 I suddenly realized, there are so many things happening everyday. If we take out a single moment out of our busy schedule, we can realize how wonderful life is. We just to stop and relax at times. Maybe just pause for a single moment. That's all that life is asking for.

This is another pic which I took a month ago while travelling in Bus. This is right on the Gariahat Road, under the flyover. Do you realize what they are doing?

They are playing chess in the melody with thousand honking horns. This is how you pause for a moment and enjoy. You do not need a vacation on the mountain top or lie on the beach. Try to take a small break and see what life gives back to you.

I know this is more of a Friday post but somehow I could not stop myself from sharing with you the beautiful bird. Why can't we create a Friday moment in our Mondays?

PS: In case you are wondering why only Mobile pics then let me update you - I broke my camera. Still not sure if it will be repaired or not and I am missing it.
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