Jul 2, 2012

How was your Weekend? And Something for Monday Blues

I am forcing Mom to like pizza and took her to he Pizza Corner opposite to Ice skating Rink (which BTW holds major exhibitions and fairs). They also serve some pizza-in-cone which I wanted to try for long.

If you have noticed, I am still addicted to minty drinks.

Have you noticed how we are having everything in Angry Birds theme? Earlier it was Hannah Montana but luckily those are replaced (thanks God!) by Angry Birds. Just hope they do not have any negative effect on the kids.

My favourite three birds. I hate that egg dropping one.

And our piggy dear without whose naughtiness the game won’t have come into existence.

How was your weekend? 
I guess many  of you might have watched Euro Cup Final yesterday. 

How is Monday treating you? 
If its been cruel then go to the corner of your office and treat yourself to a level of Angry Bird space. 
Here, you know who is the pig whom you wanna destroy! 
If nothing helps then try a double cheese margherita to soothe you.

*Keep Smiling*
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