Jul 21, 2012

Full Attendance of Fruits in Shower Products. Which Shower Product are you Hooked To?

“Spiced Vanilla” 
“Yes” (Missing in the picture though!) ----- and all other fruits are there! 

Full Attendance (Hoping there is no proxy going on here!)

What I have in my Shower (includes only shower gels and soaps)

Original Source Lime Shower

Palmolive thermal Spa Skin Renewal Crushed Coconut wirh jojoba Butter Extracts

Enliven Rasberry and Red Apples

Enliven Coconut and Vanilla

The Body Shop Cranberry Joy (unused)

The Body Shop Spiced Vanilla Shower Gel (unused)

The Body Shop Spiced Vanilla great Big Soap  (unused)

Aloe Veda Green Tea (The green one at bottom. I showed you this first in the Green tea addiction)

Khadi Travel Size Soaps Lavender, Strawberry, Neem & Tulsi, herbal Honey, jasmine Cheese with Vit E, Lemon (the small yellow one at the bottom without the wrapper)

Hobby Pomegranate (missing in the pic) 

Enliven and Original Source are recently added and I kept the cello tape with it so that they do not leak when I lie them down. I super love with Spiced vanilla. Its been my love from the first time I smelt it in 2010 winter. Keeping this for winter. Loving the green tea on sunny days and Palmolive coconut on rainy ones.

I would love to try something from L'Occitane En Provence – maybe the cherry blossom one (on my wish list for a very very long time)

Which shower Gel/cream/soap are you currently hooked to? 

 Would love to know if someone out there  is as addicted to shower stuffs as I am - or more *wink*
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