Jul 24, 2012

Foundation Brushes From Sigma.com - Flat Kabuki F80, Small Duo Fibre F55, Round Top Kabuki F82 and and Angled Top F84 (Sigmax Duo)

My biggest concern when I came to Kolkata was online shopping. Most Indian Website charges an extra amount as tax for West Bengal (somebody please mail me which does and which doesn't!). Moreover, the relationship that I had with the Indian Post guys so that my overseas parcels are not lost in between had to be built again with a new guy here. I was in a total panic mode when I finally decided that I must shop from Sigma no matter what – Sales or No Sales!

Flat Kabuki F80 (16 $ / 895 INR) – Perfect for blending liquid and powder foundation. But, I use it only for powder ones. Reason? Well, it’s an extremely dense brush. While using a liquid foundation, it takes in too much of the product which is wastage plus cleaning the brush later on became a marathon task plus F55 does the task in the way I wish in lot less time. The brush has endured a lot but never shredded so far *fingers crossed* 

Small Duo Fibre F55 (14$ / 784 INR) – To be frank, I wanted Duo Fibre F50, but it was out of stock. I anyway had to have a duo fibre and so, I opted for this. I could have even got the Kryolan duo fibre brush which retails for 850 or 900 INR but then it has a longer handle (much longer handle). The MAC one is 2500 INR I guess which is way beyond what I was ready to spend. This is the best of all that I got from Sigma. Now, applying liquid foundation is just so damn easy and the finish is just like moist cake (yumm). I even apply Lotus 40SPF sunscreen (the tinted one) using this.

Round Top Kabuki F82 and Angled Top F84 (16$ each)– I got these two Sigmax Duo of 24$ instead of 36$ *does an idiot dance* but I have not used them so far! Yes, that is the reason why they are still bright white and other 2 look dirty (trust me I try to clean them a lot but by the time they are dry, I use them again). 

F55 - Small Duo Fibre $14.00

F80 - Flat Kabuki $16.00

Synthetic Sigmax Duo $24.00

Product Subtotal: $54.00

Shipping & Handling: $15.88 (I would have got another brush with this price!)

Grand Total: $69.88

Just look at the grand total - (INR 3900!!!!) – yes, I was in panic mode. I have not faced lost packages (expect once when I was sure that it will be lost) and the fact that they might get lost scares me a lot! The shipping is really great because I got my products within a week which was like whoaaaaa… I will shop with them again from Kolkata because the package was properly tracked and it took very less time to deliver.

Have you ever shopped from Sigma.com * ? 

Off the topic – does the fact that packages might get lost scares you? 

* affiliate link

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