Jul 15, 2012

THE 50% TBS Sale - A Sale with Heart or Just a way to pass away the waste?

The best work for any shopoholic is S-A-L-E. At times it is better than LOVE (at times only!). And what better then a sale is huge discounts in the sale. Last night I saw that Body shop is having a 50% off on selected products. I have encountered a similar sale in Delhi, so, I have a lot of expectations this time.

My parents were supposed to visit some religious place and I saw I won't so they left house at 8 am in the morning. I went to sleep after keeping in mind that I have to go to TBS sale. But, I was awakened 3 times with nightmares (or daymares!) that I went to shop and there were nothing there. All the 50% stuff - GONE! I finally got up at 11am, cooked maggi (yes, Indian national food *wink*), and went there.

The 50% OFF - The stuffs that were on 50% off were the general mini stuffs just like last time I discovered in Delhi. Other than that, they had Moroccan rose shower gel, and some other shower gels, etc.

But luckily, last night, I saw comment this on TBS fb page along with the sale declaration.

And I went to that exact store. Bless her kind and brave heart, the stuffs with 50% off actually had been tampered. The moroccan rose shower gels were puffy or had lesser quantity. One shower gel (a green one, do not remember the exact name), had just 75% quantity, as if they were even selling the testers! All the 50% items were retagged - they had taken the actual price/importdate/exp. date sticker and put a new one on them. You can easily know because you can see those glue marks of the previous tag just what Arti realized!

I do not know if it the issue with just this single store or all other stores. I thought of going to the Forum store as well but Mom and dad were about to return home and I gots to be at home like a nice kid (BTW I reached way after they reached home - Mom smiling at me after looking at the sale stuffs from pantaloon and Dad has lost all hopes of me becoming a better girl I guess)

Anyways, dear ladies, I need you to check properly anything you buy from body shop -

1. Check if the bottle is puffy or leaky.
2. Check the tag and try to identify the tag was put on recently.
3. Check if there are any glue marks on the body - anywhere.
4. Check if the quantity level is all right.
5. Just check if anything seems fishy and tell me.

Other offs - For any bath and body products - buy 3. get 20% off. Chocomania had 25% off. Even the small size body butter which were on 50% last time.

I wanted to buy the Chocomania body scrub. But, after finding the scam happening there, I could not be at the store even for a minute more.

*Be Safe. Keep Smiling*

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