Jul 31, 2012

OOTD And A 4 Year Old Pic of Mine

Sorry for being missing for 5 days straight. I attended a wine event on Saturday and right after that got a bad news so was troubled personally. On Sunday it was too gloomy and Mondays are not my thing at all. I have a lot and lot to write about How to Taste and Pair Wine and I do not want just to copy paste what the PR has sent me. As usual I will be adding my own experiences as its thing which involves your senses and thanks to the event -my opinion towards wine has completely changed. I will talk about all that and the beautiful people I met in my next post. Also, I have to wait as I have not received all the pics from the other blogger. Remember? I camera is still broke! During the event I had lot of suicidal urges because of not having a camera but then I controlled myself somehow. 

I was wearing a dress that I got in 2008 from Vardhan Market (My visit there I think). I thought of wearing this again and with all the exact same accessories (with whatever I had after moving around more than 20 times in those 4 years!). 

Jul 26, 2012

L'Oreal Paris L'Or Electric Color Infallible Eyeshadows - 006 All Night Blue (889 Midnight Blue), 012 Endless Chocolat And 014 Eternal Black

Have you met them? These are the Infallible eyeshadows from L’Oreal - 

006 All Night Blue (USA Name - 889 Midnight Blue) 
012 Endless Chocolat and 
014 Eternal Black (USA Name- 999 Eternal Black). 
Did u notice how the names have the never-ending feel to it (All night, endless, eternal!)? 
This might be to indicate their lasting stay.

Jul 24, 2012

Get Smokey Eyes Bourjois Paris Effet Smokey Eye Pencil 71 Smoked Brown and 73 Deep Green

What is the first thing that you ask when buying an eyeliner? It MUST not smudge and it MUST stay like a marker pen on my waterline. Right? Or something like it. Right? Well leave all the innovativeness to Team Bourjois. I salute them. Period. For them, I actually fell in love with a liner that smudges. And it not only smudges but it comes with a brush to make sure that you smudge them. Say hello to Bourjois Paris Effet Smokey Pencil in Deep Green and Smoked Brown.  

Whats they said in their website - 

Double-tipped eyeliner to smudge for a perfect every day smoky look! A smoky look available in several deep and intense shades achievable in 2 simple steps:

1) Outline the eye with the pencil.
2) Smudge with the brush.

Its soft, easy-to-blend tip glides along the lashline for an intense outline in one stroke. Its ultra soft brush made of natural bristles perfectly smudges the formula.

The result: a subtle but incredibly sexy smoky look in just 2 steps!

And it's good for the eyes:
High tolerance formula.
Tested on sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.
Enriched with natural waxes and vitamins E & C.  

Foundation Brushes From Sigma.com - Flat Kabuki F80, Small Duo Fibre F55, Round Top Kabuki F82 and and Angled Top F84 (Sigmax Duo)

My biggest concern when I came to Kolkata was online shopping. Most Indian Website charges an extra amount as tax for West Bengal (somebody please mail me which does and which doesn't!). Moreover, the relationship that I had with the Indian Post guys so that my overseas parcels are not lost in between had to be built again with a new guy here. I was in a total panic mode when I finally decided that I must shop from Sigma no matter what – Sales or No Sales!

Jul 23, 2012

Maybelline Swirl - Black and Silver + Brown and Gold For the Lasting Drama

I know that I am quite late in reviewing these beauties. But I wanted to review both of them together. Why? Because 2 is better than one. Period. I just want to stare at the beauties for hours but then it might have the effects of the hypnotism swirl. Who knows?

Claims of the Product

Jul 22, 2012

Pastel And Moss Green Nails - Tried Cello tape for First Time + How to do use Tapes in Better Way

DO you use cellotapes for doing your french mani or any nail art? Well, a week back tried to make the arrows nail art but as you can see, I failed badly.

Things that went wrong

1. Not aware where to put the cellotape? - As you can see I first use NYX Pastel Pistachio as base all over my nail. Then used the cello tape to make the arrow for the top part and then used a small square shaped one to make the lower part. When I was putting the lower square the edges didn't coincided with the top ones perfectly. In face for the little finger, the top point was not in line with the mid point of my nail! (I think I might not be talking sense here, eh?)

Solution - Used color tapes instead of cello tapes - they can act as better guides

The Frustration Haul! And Latest Offers on Stores!

When I was about to be transferred to Kolkata, my biggest concern was - makeup? How will I buy them? Well, even in Delhi, I used to buy online but then at times you need the latest ones which are yet to hit the stores! Anyways, I thought I won't buy ANYTHING (whom was I kidding!). Last Sunday, I just went mad and picked up whatever fell on my hand. Reason? I will tell you the offers currently in stores.

Jul 21, 2012

Full Attendance of Fruits in Shower Products. Which Shower Product are you Hooked To?

“Spiced Vanilla” 
“Yes” (Missing in the picture though!) ----- and all other fruits are there! 

Full Attendance (Hoping there is no proxy going on here!)

Jul 20, 2012

Shop Boots Products In India - ONLINE!!!!

I have nothing else to do than browsing website and buying things online because my camera is broken and I do not know how to live without posting anything! A lot of my time now goes in buying online and reading (good for me *wink*). And just now I found something really amazing - BOOTS products online!!!

Jul 19, 2012

R.I.P The Legend - Rajesh Khanna

"Zindagi ek safar hai suhana
Yahan kal kya ho kisne jaana"
(Life is a beautiful journey, Nobody know what tomorrow holds for us)

And please do not shed any tears even if you feel like because he HATE TEARS.

Pushpa, I hate tears - one of his most iconic dialog.

My all time favorite song wer Chingari koe bhadke and Jab deep jale aana.  

Fav dailogs -

Zindagi aur maut uparwale ke haath hai jahanpana, jise na aap badal sakte hai na mein. hum sab toh rangmanch ki katputlia hai, jiski door uparwale ke haath bandhi hai. Kan, Kaun, kaise uthega, yeh koi Nahi janta.
- Rajesh Khanna, Anand (1970)
(Life and death is with the almighty above, which neither you can change nor me. We are just puppets in a show whose strings are hold by the one above. Who, when, how someone might leave the stage is known by none)

Which movies did you liked and which songs are your favorite? And Dialogs?

PS - this is a Bollywood based post. 

Jul 18, 2012

Maybelline Baby Lips in India for INR 125/150!!!

Guess who just arrived - ( not a baby that Maybelline is selling!) - Its Maybelline Baby Lips!!! *does a quick bhangra on imaginary beats*. For a person waiting for the Maybelline color tattoos( and also for the green gel eyeliner that will be launched shortly as a SA as promised be), this news came as those drizzling rain showers before Monsoon Hit the town (loving Monsoon, hating traffic Jam. How is your city/town keeping up?)


Maybelline New York launches new Baby Lips

A lip Balm that is set to give you the lips you were born with!

Mumbai July ’12: Maybelline New York, world’s No.1 cosmetic brand has launched a revolutionary lip balm to pamper your lips. Baby Lips, which has proved to be a huge success and has achieved a cult following worldwide, is now available in India. The lip balm is a result of Maybelline New York’s fresh and innovative approach that constantly tries to empower women to look their best.
Baby soft lips can finally be yours: forget about dryness or that chapped feeling, as this lip balm not only hydrates your lips but also, protects it from harmful UV rays with SPF20. Its advanced formula infused with exclusive Botanical Cell Repair Concentrate promises to give you renewed, softer lips in just 4 weeks.
Maybelline New York Baby Lips contains all the goodness your lips will need this season. It contains a perfectly balanced blend of superior ingredients such as aloe, honey, a high percentage of shea-butter and a combination of essential vitamins. This innovative lip balm requires only one application to give you instant moisture and protection for up to 8 hours. The lip balm comes in Care and Color range with 7 different bright colours to lighten up your mood.
Baby Lips provides the care you were meant to receive! Adult care for baby soft lips in the most fragrant flavors yet!


The above is the screenshot from Maybelline AU website. Did you noticed something? Only 4 variants! *Gasp* I do not want the case of Dream Liquid Mousse repeated.

Variants as per Australia website - Available in four tempting flavours: 
-Energizing Orange
-Smoothing Cherry
-Anti-Oxidant Berry

Jul 15, 2012

THE 50% TBS Sale - A Sale with Heart or Just a way to pass away the waste?

The best work for any shopoholic is S-A-L-E. At times it is better than LOVE (at times only!). And what better then a sale is huge discounts in the sale. Last night I saw that Body shop is having a 50% off on selected products. I have encountered a similar sale in Delhi, so, I have a lot of expectations this time.

My parents were supposed to visit some religious place and I saw I won't so they left house at 8 am in the morning. I went to sleep after keeping in mind that I have to go to TBS sale. But, I was awakened 3 times with nightmares (or daymares!) that I went to shop and there were nothing there. All the 50% stuff - GONE! I finally got up at 11am, cooked maggi (yes, Indian national food *wink*), and went there.

The 50% OFF - The stuffs that were on 50% off were the general mini stuffs just like last time I discovered in Delhi. Other than that, they had Moroccan rose shower gel, and some other shower gels, etc.

But luckily, last night, I saw comment this on TBS fb page along with the sale declaration.

And I went to that exact store. Bless her kind and brave heart, the stuffs with 50% off actually had been tampered. The moroccan rose shower gels were puffy or had lesser quantity. One shower gel (a green one, do not remember the exact name), had just 75% quantity, as if they were even selling the testers! All the 50% items were retagged - they had taken the actual price/importdate/exp. date sticker and put a new one on them. You can easily know because you can see those glue marks of the previous tag just what Arti realized!

Jul 12, 2012

L'Oreal Paris Smooth Intense Instant Smoothing Serum

Do you end up buying something to reach a certain amount that makes you eligible to get a free gift (or any offer)? Well, I end up doing that a lot of time. Bad Habit. I Know!

This time, it was a set of three beautiful heart shaped pink jewelry box (maybe I will show you that someday) from L'Oreal. Somehow, I could not find anything else to buy. Finally, I saw this. I remember reading somewhere that Argan Oil is a magical product and so, I thought of giving this a try. I am happy that I got this!

I try to keep away from sulphate and silicones products and so, I used to use hair serum very sparingly. I have a bottle of Matrix Opti Smooth serum for more than 1.5 years and still a lot of it left. But, the ingredient in this does not look that dangerous.

Ingredients -

What the product claims-

Jul 9, 2012

I Saw a Bird Today and Realized.....

I saw this bird today. It was there for just a second. Luckily I had my mobile with me then. A play between the clouds, sun and something man made. Did you realized the bird flying high in the sky here?

To All My Reader - Thanks for Your Love....

This is a post dedicated to each one of you who ever visits this website, likes this blog or joined in G+. 

Thanks all for the love you gals/guys have shown for the past 6 months and I hope you continue to do so. 

Thanks for all the suggestions and every comment you provided 
(I was using Instant Database but then it started issues when the .com to .co.in happened and I lost many of your beautiful comments in the blog but I still have them will me. 
Only issue is when I open those post and see 0 comments *sob* *sob*).  

For all that inspiration and encouragement, I got the notable newbie award from BlogAdda.com. 

Thanks to Blog Adda team. (They actually mailed me first on March 16th but its worth the wait).

Jul 8, 2012

Garnier Pure Active Product Reviews - Claims gone wrong....

I was using these 3 products for more than a month and due to my transition from Delhi to Kolkata, I used them in both dry and humid weather. Here are my reviews -

A total worth-it kinda gentle scrub which only doesn't do what it is supposed to i.e. uprooting blackheads - Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Active Blackheads Uprooting Scrub Review

A very nice minty summery face wash which is perfect for both dry and oily skin but doesn't do what it is supposed to i.e. aim towards a clean acne free face - Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Active Pore Unclogging Wash Review

A roll-on pen which does nothing - Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Active Pimple Relief Roll-On Review

So, do you realize what went wrong? These product should had been marketed differently. The following two products are really nice but then who will respect then when they fail to keep their own words?

Pimple Relief Roll-On - Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Active Pimple Relief Roll-On Review

*This is part 2 of the 3 garnier products review.* 

What the Garnier Website says about it 

Garnier PureActive is a new generation of concentrated formulae tested on acne-prone skin.

Is the Pimple Relief Roll-on made for me?

Yes, if stubborn imperfections keep on recurring and tend to get red or leave marks easily.

Why is it different?
New Garnier Pimple relief Roll-on’s revolutionary metal roller-ball helps immediately relieve your pimples . Handy to carry around. It is even easier to use and is pleasant to apply under any circumstance.

Pore Unclogging Wash - Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Active Pore Unclogging Wash Review

*This is part 2 of the 3 garnier products review.*

What the Garnier Website says about it

Garnier PureActive is a new generation of concentrated formulae tested on acne-prone skin.

Is PureActive Pore unclogging wash made for me?

Yes, if while cleansing you wish to deeply purify pores and remove inlayed impurities in search of a perfect skin result.

It’s secret?
An unprecedented association in the formula which fights imperfections and their marks.
Concentrated Salicylic acid is one of the most efficient exfoliant actives.The proven power of plants - HerbaRepair is a natural active extracted from Vaccinium myrtillus with exceptional regenerating and skin-repairing properties*

*tested in vitro

Blackheads Uprooting Scrub - Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Active Blackheads Uprooting Scrub Review

Are you enjoying the rain? After days of wait, Monsoon is finally here. I am just reading thrillers and sleeping. I finally switched on my laptop to do some online shopping (yes, totally addicted to that and who wanna step out in rain?) so, thought of finally writing about 3 garnier products (other 2 will be in different posts.)

What the Garnier Website says about it

Garnier PureActive is a new generation of concentrated formulae tested on acne-prone skin.

Is PureActive Blackheads Uprooting scrub made for me?
Yes, if your skin is prone to blackheads and you wish to remove them while cleansing to prevent the re-appearance and clear imperfection marks. 

It’s secret? 
An unprecedented association in the formula which fights imperfections and their marks.
Concentrated Salicylic acid is one of the most efficient exfoliant actives.
The proven power of plants - HerbaRepair is a natural active extracted from Vaccinium myrtillus with exceptional regenerating and skin-repairing properties*

*tested in vitro

Jul 2, 2012

Stick It Up for NYX Stick Blushes in the famous Tea Rose and Sweet Hibiscus

I really liked the idea of swirl stick blushes when Lakme came up with 2 colors in Fantasy collection. But the price and colors never tempted me much to go and get them. But when I saw these, I simply could not resist myself.

What colors you got? I always wanted NYX Tea rose lipstick but after knowing how their lipstick melt, I did not had the guts to own them so when these stick blushes also had Tea Rose…you know what happened. Another choice I made was Hibiscus which is soft rose pink. Love this lot.

How was your Weekend? And Something for Monday Blues

I am forcing Mom to like pizza and took her to he Pizza Corner opposite to Ice skating Rink (which BTW holds major exhibitions and fairs). They also serve some pizza-in-cone which I wanted to try for long.

If you have noticed, I am still addicted to minty drinks.

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