Jun 4, 2012

Pastel Attack - NYX ASF - Pastel Pistachio, Pastel Yellow and Cloudy !!!

Yes, it’s the attack of the pastels. I wanted more of these but somehow controlled myself to get just 3 of the NYX Advanced Salon Formula Nail Polish– Pastel Yellow, Pastel Pistachio and Cloudy. Should I get more? Lets see. 

When I first saw these bottles online I really had mixed feelings – a new range from NYX…Yeah!! But why do they look like a copy of a famous brand? *Cough* Deborah Lippmann *Cough*

Anyways I wanted them and I was shocked to find that Joy’s Store in Ebay was not having them…arghhh…so, I found another website – b2nshop.com. I order a lot of stuff from NYX (yes, lot of review from NYX coming up) but I will review about them later because I had an issue with them and I want to see when it is solved!

Pastel Pistachio is the sweetest of all. Pistachio was in this spring (Dior Water Lily, Essie Navigate Her, Revlon Minted, OPI Go On Green, Zoya Bevin, …..pheww…long list!) but because I got this I am gonna wear it in summer! Loved this color and because of this I ordered nail polish and ordered from B2N. It really looks very cute. This is the one with the best formula because it was easier to apply and there were less streaks. But because of the streaks I ended up applying a thick coat which chipped in 3-4 days…I wish colorbar had something similar. Most of their nail paints don’t even chip at all for 7 days if applied properly.

Pastel Yellow is a nice colors but very very streaky. Toughest of all to apply. I tried to keep a thin layer and wore if for 7 days on toes without any chip but for nails I will need a better texture. I need to very patient with this for sure.

Cloudy (btw remember Cloudy with a chance with meatballs?) is a paler taupe. Taupes are no more in but I wanted to have a neutral color (which are IN btw) and this was IT.

Yes, 15 ml is a huge quantity when other nail polishes only give you 8-10 ml. I paid around 250-280 for each. But they are not great in quality. On top of it, availability is a huge issue. I wish some Indian websites stocks this range soon.

I really wanted few more of these but then what if the quality is like that of pastel yellow….horrified! Luckily Pastel Pistachio was nice….*happy face*……reminds me of ice cream....do doubt these ice cream pastels are loved so much!

Do you liked or tried the new range of ASF polishes? Any color that you liked?

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