Jun 20, 2012

6 Shades of Colorbar Shimmer Magic Baked Blush/Eyeshadow/Bronzer

I still remember how I had a conflict between buying Honeymoon Peach and Terracotta Sheen in the store. I could buy ONLY one and two SA applied 2 different colors on my cheek - 
Should I go for the Right or Left? 

And I finally decided Honeymoon Peach because only this one could be use as a Blush, Eyeshadow and Bronzer if the need be. What I am saying now will make more sense when you look at the pan - I do not expect anyone to apply a purple blush or bronzer!!!!!

Also as I mentioned in my Honeymoon Peach review- Buy only the pan in which the veins of the bronze/gold/silver is distinct. If you compare the following Honeymoon Peach and my Honeymoon Peach you will know the difference.

Personally I love most of the colors but only Honeymoon Peach makes sense. Even Pinch Me Pink is a nice color for the duskier beauties.

I recently saw that these are added to their website. Fingers crossed that some online stores start stocking them and you guys get them in huge discounts....I know...I have a BIG heart *wink*

So, Which one did you liked?

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