Jun 27, 2012

DIY - How to Remove Glitter Nail Paints Without Scratching your Nail

This is something that I was following lately to remove those stubborn glitter nail polish. Its a old technique but I recently relized that people are still unaware of this when I did a nail art with glitter for someone and she  came to me latter telling what a pain it was to remove those glitter nail paint. So here is a simple pictorial for all my lovely readers

Jun 25, 2012

How to Fix Nails ASAP!!! Revlon Star to my Rescue :D

I generally choose my outfits for the week on Sunday and paint my nails with something that might somehow go with all of them. This week I choose Faces Wild Mauve but to my disappointed in just one day it faded around the corners! I was just wondering the could do and then suddenly I spotted this - Revlon Star in my not-at-all-organized makeup drawers (Mental note - Organize you B****!)

Revlon Star is a amazing sparkle nail polish. The density of the glitter is just perfect - nothing OTT. Also it consists of silver and navy blue glitter. There are some bigger chunks of silver as well to keep up with the chunky glitter look. Dries up almost instantly and the texture is not rough like other glitter nail polish.

Pastel Pastel Pastel - My First Faces Nail Polish - Wild Mauve 208

If I were to name this polish then I could have never in my life time named it Wild Mauve for sure! It got to be a Mild Mauve or some nice Pastel Color like Pastel Lilac to be simple.

This is my first Faces nail polish which I got along with Mulberry (which is yet to be reviewed) when I found their flagship store in Pacific Mall.

Applying this nail polish was really easy and the formula is really nice. It even dries fast.

Jun 21, 2012

Sleek i-Divine Au Natural Palette Swatches

Either I am too busy or a lazy bug has bit me. Here I am posting this after 3 months of clicking the pics! I really hope no other blogger is at such a huge backlog! 

Anyways this sweet Sleek Au Naturel Palette is what I ordered along with all my order for a friend of mine who has just started buying makeup. I was really glad to help her and I got her these  as they are very natural color and she could use them daily if she wished to. Plus, they are very cost effective! Each color comes at a cost of around 50 INR each.

Sleek iDivine Oh So Special Swatches and Review

Sleek PPQ iDivine Me Myself Eye Shadow Swatch

Jun 20, 2012

6 Shades of Colorbar Shimmer Magic Baked Blush/Eyeshadow/Bronzer

I still remember how I had a conflict between buying Honeymoon Peach and Terracotta Sheen in the store. I could buy ONLY one and two SA applied 2 different colors on my cheek - 
Should I go for the Right or Left? 

And I finally decided Honeymoon Peach because only this one could be use as a Blush, Eyeshadow and Bronzer if the need be. What I am saying now will make more sense when you look at the pan - I do not expect anyone to apply a purple blush or bronzer!!!!!

Jun 19, 2012

How is Kolkata Treating Me?

The Winner of Photography Contest in Bong Tips

3 weeks in Kolkata by now. Yes, I still miss Delhi. I miss a lot of things in fact. But then I want to discoverer what here as well and stop cribbing all the time. Here is a sum up of everything in total.

Just Chill – Bengalis are extremely relaxed people. The shops are closed even in the afternoon. The jaldi-jaldi-karo is slowly going away from me. I do not feel anymore that I need a vacation. I even travelled in tram one evening while it was raining. It took me twice what it should have taken but then I was really enjoying the thing. 

Loaded with marriage, birthday, and anniversary invitations – Everyone of my relative is based in Kolkata. There are only few like me and my parents who have lived outside. So, whenever I come back there are so many lunch and dinner invitations that I cannot even eat once at home (This luckily have stopped because everyone now realize that I cannot eat so much). And BTW people in Kolkata will show the love for you by food. Food is everything and it’s almost a religion for me personally. I have to refuse them but I cannot say NO to marriage, etc, especially the ones who are close. And you might wonder when I define close – next week I have to attend a marriage of a girl is my Gandmom’s sister’s granddaughter! Also, it implies that I have to shop shop shop for cloths I can wear to a marriage.

Nothing is Open on Sunday - Last to last Saturday I went to buy a new laptop for my cousin to Chandni Chowk (yes, we have a Chandni Chowk here where u get electronic stuffs at ground low price) and on Sunday I realized that most markets are closed on Sunday and so I spend one entire weekend without buying a thing. So, from last Monday (not the yesterday one), I was planning where all to go on Saturday and by Friday I had a list with 14 places to visit! So I tore the list and went to New Market. Its ironically a old market where you can get anything under the sun. There are some new comparatively new arcades/complexes like Treasure Island, Sriram market, simpark which are good for traditional Indian wear and also for some imported cloths and shoes. I got myself a blue anarkali with white embroidery work. Suddenly I realized something – almost all of them are patch work, border work and some good cuts on good fabric. There were hardly stuffs which have work done directly on the dress and then something hit me – I wish I could have visited Kirana at least once. 

Jun 14, 2012

Tickled and Rose Petal - NYX Cream Blushes CB13 & CB01

I always wanted to try cream blushes so when I was hauling from b2nshop.com, you know what might have happened. And yes, they have not yet solved my issue with them 100% so cannot talk about them either! Everyone needs a change. Right? So, let me show you the two beautiful blushes that I got from them – Tickled and Rose Petal.

Jun 12, 2012

The Lip Balm # 1 from Kiehl's Review

Slap me for the number of drafts that I have. I have so many things to share with you guys but then I am hardly getting any time. (And yes, I started to learn swimming today and I realized what I was doing for soo many years!! Its feels so nice to swim float *wink*)

I got this lip balm as a giveaway gift from Ankita’s Blog Corallista. I was not supposed to get this balm but luckily I got this as I always wanted to try this. You can read about my visit here.

Jun 11, 2012

Lemon-Ohh-Sweet-Lemon - Body Shop Sweet Lemon Body Butter

Remember the 50% discounts on The Body Shop mini products? I a random post on that and I showed you what I got HERE. Well that was not just it. To be frank I went to all TBS stores to find what else was on offer. I went to one of their store (I am not telling which one) and I found a girl hold a full size of Sweet Lemon Body Butter and I found that even it was on 50% off but then I realized there was only 1 left and she was holding that ONE!!...Arghhhh…I really wanted to snatch it away from her when she noticed that it said for Dry/Normal skin and she asked the SAs that she has dry and the SA pushed her to their Chocomania Range. She kept this down and in a sec I picked it up and went directly to Bill Counter as I do not need to smell any TBS products, I know them and so, I said – "Bill Please!”. While going out of the store, I found that girl searching for the tub that she in her own words had Just-Put-Back! *monster laugh*

Lady you are in Kolkata and you are not even reviewing moisturizer but a Body butter now? Yes, I started to use it when I came to Kolkata. Yes, its too humid to actually apply any kind of moisturizer leave apart a body butter but I need to use something as I stay in the cold dry office weather for 9 hours a days and sleep with the AC on at Dry mode (thanks to Delhi, I am addicted to Dry weather) for another 7 hours, I have to use something. Surprisingly I do not use it at daytime. Yes, it has a citricy smell which is very sweet and wake a person up in morning but I use it at night. If you are an insomniac train urself to sleep by a smell or activities like brushing teeth or changing into jamies. Your body slowly tunes to the fact that if I am brushing after dinner, it’s supposed to shut down in some time. As I am staying with my mother and becoming a night owl is completely striked out for me, I have to lure myself to sleep 2 hours early to the time I am supposed to hit the shack and so this is what is helping me to sleep 2 hours more!

Jun 9, 2012

Colorbar Shimmer Magic Baked Blush/Eyeshadow/Bronzer Honeymoon Peach Review and Swatch

Of all the things that I miss here in Kolkata the place that is in top 10 is the colorbar store of saket. Ohh how I had the access to all the Colorbar’s latest stuffs and now I will have to wait 6 months and even after that I might not be getting the stuffs that others are happily using in Delhi *super sad*. Anyways when I was arranging my stuffs here I say this and I realized this is in my drafts for such a long time – have to review it now! So, say hello to Colorbar Honeymoon Peach.

I do not know if we are supposed to eat Peaches in honeymoon or look like a peach in honeymoon but I had to buy this though I was thinking the price was too much when the SA applied it on my face and I said – Ohh I look beautiful! This brings a nice glow to my face.

About the product

Showers of flash powder particles reflect like prism.
Silky, light, exequisite fresh colors that easily create fantastic surge of delightful textures and most fashionable charm of smoked makeup whether monochrome or color use. 
May have the effects of magic.

Jun 8, 2012

Wear This - Royal / Electric / Cobalt Blue Pants!

Call them cobalt blue, electric blue or royal blue I knew I had to own a piece of this when colored pants hit the market and I knew no other color will look good for my age and bum size..…yup bummer (pun intended *wink*). Jokes apart I finally got the shade I wished for when I went for Shopping with Pooja. But the big question – how to wear it? I asked my friends and mind it – male friends and they were all shocked to see that color! And then I goggled it and they were shocked beyond limits and you can search looks in Google and girls are there who just wear cloths and post in their blogs! Yes they are not aware of fashion bloggers and also they do not know about my blog!

Most of the people used it with creams, blacks and whites to tone it down. The best part of these are - Less is More! I really wanted to show you all the images and here are ones I found. So here is a post dedicated to
Royal / Electric / Cobalt Blue Pants!
I Adore this pic of Blake Lively. Loved everything about the look. The studded pumps are just awesome!


Jun 4, 2012

Pastel Attack - NYX ASF - Pastel Pistachio, Pastel Yellow and Cloudy !!!

Yes, it’s the attack of the pastels. I wanted more of these but somehow controlled myself to get just 3 of the NYX Advanced Salon Formula Nail Polish– Pastel Yellow, Pastel Pistachio and Cloudy. Should I get more? Lets see. 

When I first saw these bottles online I really had mixed feelings – a new range from NYX…Yeah!! But why do they look like a copy of a famous brand? *Cough* Deborah Lippmann *Cough*

Anyways I wanted them and I was shocked to find that Joy’s Store in Ebay was not having them…arghhh…so, I found another website – b2nshop.com. I order a lot of stuff from NYX (yes, lot of review from NYX coming up) but I will review about them later because I had an issue with them and I want to see when it is solved!

Jun 1, 2012

Any Favorite Drink for Summer?

Last Friday (my last day at office before I shifted here) a friend of mine (also my colleague in Gurgaon) gave a very sweet farewell lunch.....hugs to her for that. We went to galleria as she never went there. We finally found our place after roaming around under the noon sun - Crazy Noodles. I have been in their GIP branch and I liked it because of the bi-color chopsticks (but now-a-days they give wooden/bamboo ones), those crazy wet tissues and also puzzles for you as you wait for order….let me keep the other surprises for your visit. Visit the place and realize yourself the array of craziness that place has to provide for you!

There were two ladies who were having this green drink and I had to try it! I ask for this one and Ohh boy it was awesome! I generally order the aerated drinks in restaurants but I think I should not do it anymore. The drink is - Mint Caprioska. I wish there were a less amount of ice but it’s OK! I could not finish it as I had to wait for the ice to melt and it needs time and I time was something that I did not had! 

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