May 20, 2012

Shopping with Pooja

Yesterday was a beautiful day. Pooja from IBC decided to meet me. As I am moving to Kolkata and there are stuffs that I cannot get in Kolkata, she was so sweet that she came with me for shopping. We were thinking of going to the MAC and Inglot together from a long time and yesterday was THE day.

We went to that Karol Bagh store and I wanted only perfumes (Read Marc Jacobs as my supplier of imported stuffs in Kolkata said a direct NO to Marc Jacobs) but Pooja suggested that we should first try them at a mall before spending grands on them and so we headed to Subash Nagar.

Had a bite at Mamagato.The restaurant has some perky design. Loved the creativity of the person who designed this half Pig half Fish riding a good old Scooter.


 Good food…everything we ordered turned out good. Enlarge the pic below and check out whats written on the chopstick cover.....u will love it for sure *wink*....BTW discovered by Pooja


We went to Lifestyle and they didn’t had Marc Jacobs. We sniffed a lot of stuffs and almost all we same. Nothing charming came out of the box. So, we went to Parcos. And then I got the Si Lolita Travel Box from Parcos for 4200 INR. Super cute stuff. I wanted that perfume for a long time and I got it + in a cute box + with a lotion at the price of the perfume….implies ME = super delighted :D

 Sorry about the bad pics ladies....all were clicked on my bed and I think you guys know by know how much lighting is an issue in this PG.

And yes the Parcos Guy threw in some free samples.

We went to lifestyle again and I got THE electric blue pants that I always wanted. They had only one in that color and that too in my size! Destiny hah!....Pooja turned out to be soo lucky of me. 

 BTW just wanted to show what can be done with electric blue but now I have so many pics that I will do a single post on Blue pants!

She got cute grey jeans (it was jeans. Right Pooja?) and even I wanted that but there was a long queue at trial rooms. You know when aunts and their girls and everyone get inside them all together and trying out all the stuffs in the stores…arghhhhhh

And I went back to Karol Bagh again and finally…the proud owner of Lola!

And thanks again to Pooja for the beautiful day together. Gonna miss her in Kolkata...sob sob

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