May 29, 2012

Fiama Di Wills Shower Gel Exotic Dream + A Weird Tip from Boy

Aloha! I am finally moved to Kolkata and joined office today *happy and relaxed*. I only moved my fav clothes, shoes and makeup and ended up with 56 kilos so had to pay for extra luggage…sad but I could not move them by transport services – NO WAY!

Total I will talk about the shower gel from Fiama Di Wills – Exotic Dreams. As the name suggests it has a very relating type of smell. I will prefer it for evening shower but never for morning one. I love citric smells to wake me up.


One of my friend’s brother works in ITC and I always made fun of them. Specially this one- why u need glitter beads in your shower gel? Please explain the logic!

ITC do not have bad products but somehow the marketing is not done nicely (other than few ads for Bingo).

On top of it when these were newly launched a girl in Spencer came to me and said – Yeh Nature and Science ka mixture se bana hae so yeh bohot achcha hae. Please buy! It took me 5 mins to absorb the statement and I asked – from where does Science come from ? The same stupid thing is written on the the bottle as well.

So I etched on my mind – NEVER BUY FDW SHOWER GELS.

Buy on my last trip to Kolkata I found that 2 British women got 20-25 of these from the airport shops before catching their flight! So I changed my mind to – TRY THEN WHEN YOU GET CHANCE. And I did!

The gel is faintly purple in color and is very smooth. Not too runny - perfect for a shower gel. The glitter beads does not seem to do anything but sit encapsulted inside something.

I used it for 2 weeks and I started to feel it will suit a man more so I clicked pics and handed it to boy.

He warned –“I will used it on my hair as well as I do not have patience to change bottle in the middle of bath.”
“Huh? Whatever!”

2 weeks later
Me -“Your hair looking silky. What happened ?” (u guys must have guessed it!)

Him – "If u want nice hair then you have to try it! All my dandruff is gone!" (he has very dry scalp + suffers from dandruff most times of the year)

Me - *astonished* *make a note to share it with blog reader*

I have not tried it personally and I would if I had the bottle but then I do not have dandruff to test on myself! If u are tired of trying every solution under the sun for dandruff then go give a try.

Personal tip – make sure to dilute it before you apply on your head and massage properly to lather it up.

Repurchase - I already send him another bottle. I will try the other ornage color variant as they are nice shower gels from 125 INR (I got the first one for 87 bucks because of some promotions going on in the store).

Plus they have a free loofah which is really good in quality.

Have you ever tried some thing for some other job and found something awesome?

I used the Herbal Essesnse Hello Hydration Shampoo to wash cloths as it was too harsh for my hair. 

Do share if you also have done something like that!

PS - Sorry for being MIA for 5 days!

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