May 9, 2012

Black Scrub? H2O+ Spa Sea Moss Black Sand Body Scrub Review

Remember MAC Volcanic Ash Exfoliator? By the time I made my mind to get that it was out of stock. That regret of not buying it was eating me every day. I jumped to buy Vedic Line Mask with Volcanic Clay and Green Tea when I was collecting stuffs with Green Tea smell though it was only Clay and not Ash. Later, I found it was just like Multani Mitti (Fuller's Earth) so, I desperately wanted something with those black granules in it.

Lately, I was hearing a lot about H2O+ stuffs which has a reputation of using sea derived ingredients for their skin care products and I wanted to try their shower range. As there were so many I thought of just trying them once at their store. Then a SA came to me. Mind it that I had no intentions of buying ANYTHING and then she showed me this – a scrub with Black granules. I checked the ingredients – SLS was marked at no. 2 but then even my favorite Lotus Oats Scrub have SLS and did never did anything wrong to me! Then down the line I saw Volcanic Black Sand….no Ash but Black Sand. I opened the flip and it was black scrub. I had to get it to get out of that Regret!

About the product from the product itself *wink*

Ingredients List 

What I felt about it

Now the scrub is not Black…no its NOT. It’s actually dark Moss green color. Refer the ingredient list – they also have Aloe Leaf Extract and added colors as well.

The consistency is like those of general shower creams….Not too thick. It’s not jelly like in case you are thinking. You can easily spot those big Volcanic Black Sand.

If you just scrub it on your skin then the medium of the scrub dries up very fast. It’s better to use on moist skin. If you add water then…the biggest shock for me… starts lathering up. I actually have used it once as a lathering shower cream! It worked really nice for a shower cream but not very good in exfoliating. You get the similar kind of moist soft skin that use get after using a shower cream with a loofah. I cannot permanently use it as shower cream because it does not have any smell. If you take a bath then you must smell like something…orange, chocolate, vanilla….something!! This one has a very light and clear smell that do not last at all. 

I tried using it on my face but because of SLS it made my already dry skin really dry. Last night I accidentally took a bit more for my face and when washing it off it started lathering so much that I felt I must be using a face wash!.......confused product! 

Price – 900 INR in India for 240 ml…..I know…too much.

Overall – If you can do with SLS in your products then it’s a OK product. I cannot even tell you guys to try it once because of the price.

I failed to find 100% effectiveness from the Volcanic Black Sand because if I use it as a mask, the SLS make skin scratchy if I use with a bit of water and dries up if on dry skin. While washing it off the lather produced does not help with the exfoliation part of the sand because it already make them slippery. I am actually marking it as Regret.

 There might be people who will love it for the dual function of wash + mild scrub. But I am little sad with the low effectiveness of the Black sand.

As I have spent so much on it, I will find a way to effectively finish it up and then I will update you guys. EDIT  -Using it as shower gel these days and I am really happy with this mild exfoliating shower cream. But then it does not have any smell so, seems like a waste of shower time.

Also in H2O+ stores they are having Buy 2 Get 1 Free in the Spa range ONLY. The SA wanted me to buy something else with this so that I can get the extra free but somehow it makes no sense to spend on something just because you will get some other thing free which you never wanted! Those shower gels I wanted were not in the offer but on discounts in MedPlusBeauty. She said I can try the shower gel of this range which I didn't bring Luckily! Imagine how much that would have lathered!

I wanted to take a pic for all of you but they said No. No one is crazy enough to click pics of their display and copy it or worse have it framed  in their bedroom! When will the shopkeepers learn that its for their good? 

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