Apr 10, 2012

Makeup Brushes From HongKong Sellers of Ebay

Untill recently I never realized the importance of good brush. I understand its importance but yet to understand the importance of expensive ones. I know brushes are like an investmest and blah blah but when you start building your kit I know there are people who cannot think of getting a 2500INR brush just for liquid foundation! The people who can are really lucky! Its not that I do not have the money to buy. Its just that I want to be 100% sure that what are those brushes on which I can work upon and then buy a great  one.

In that path of buying brushes I got some QVS which are really good, some FACES Canada ones which are also really good and one Bourjois Powder Brush (review here). But the best buys (not best brushes but buys) were from those Hongkong sellers of Ebay who gave the following brushes - Essence of Beauty 8 Eye Brushes, NARS 19 and Bare Escentuals Full Coverage Kabuki.

 Essence of Beauty 8 Eye Brushes –  This is actually meant as a travel kit but I can use it everyday.  Comes with a pouch and the brushes are also of good quality. All in all includes everything required for eye shadow application. Sometimes I feel it does not pick up much color and even the tapping motion seems ineffective then. I am not 100% happy with them.

What could have been better - Should have included a liner brush. I will not mind to part away that smudge to include a liner brush. Few brushes could have been a bit softer and little less pokey.

NARS 19 – I was not aware that it was the NARS 19 when I ordered as it was listed in Ebay as NS19 and I liked what I saw in the pic. When I recieved this I checked everywhere for NARS 19 to make sure if it is a fake or not. I could not find any difference with the ones on the internet! Again after looking at the price, it’s surely a fake or is it not? I really felt bad that it has a big name attached and it might be a fake!

It works perfectly with powder stuffs and I love it. Never bleeds but yes shreds one or two hair at times.

Bare Escentuals Full Coverage Kabuki Brush – Small enough be live inside my makeup pouch. Soft , never bleeds and never sheds. Best brush buy from Ebay. Love Love Love!

Now coming to the favorite topic. PRICE.

The four piece eye kit was US $8.99.
NARS 19 for US $8.08- Approximately Rs. 414.47
Bare Escentuals for US $3.98 - Approximately Rs. 204.15

So what do you think after looking at the price?? Have u brought any brushes from Ebay? Or any other online sites from China?

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