Apr 23, 2012

MAC Shop Shop Shop Cook Cook Cook Collection Launched in Saket, New Delhi

My world is still upside down from last weekend because of all the shifting, bad PG, packing/unpacking, setting up the room, bring more organization, unstable internet (sorry that I am not able to reply to ur comments quickly) and other stuffs. I really needed a break and so I went to Ambience Vasant Kunj. There was a special reason for the visit but I also wanted to try MAC Party Parrot. I love the people in MAC, Vasant Kunj. They are really sweet. But it was sold out there. Then I went to Saket to check out the new shades in Colorbar. (Yes, I get my colorbar stuffs only from their flagship store as all other stores are just sold out/not launched yet/not aware that such a thing exists!) So I hauled the store but as I was about to get out of the mall, I spotted the launch of Shop MAC Cook MAC collection. 

I really thought you would the pics, so here they are. I was really really late as I was already 7:45 and I was around 35-40 kms away from the home. 

So, here are some quick pics of the Aisles of the MAC Shop.

The pic came very bad because of that light in the back but I really wanted to show you the bubblegum pink pump – aren’t they cute?  

PS: I hate (H-A-T-E) the people in the MAC Saket because of my earlier bad experiences with them (I adore the ones in Vasant Kunj and also the ones in GIP. They are God send people!). So I hardly think talking to them, leave apart buying anything from them! But don’t know why I asked the guy (holding that page) if they had Party Parrot. He was sweet enough and asked someone in the store to check from some special hidden drawer and he found it! I went to the store but then the MUAs were too busy to talk! I was redirected to 2 other MUAs and it was already getting late. I left the store as I didn’t had all the time on the world. I left with the Party Parrot but then I didn’t want to add more bad experiences to my already upside-down week.

PSS: I also wanted to swatch something for you guys but when I asked if I can then a Fat Lady told me that for the swatches they have to go though PRs. But don't that mean you have to give products to the bloggers for free and I am doing it here for you for free?.......whatever!!! I was already tooooo late (and tired) to talk to anyone....even SRK for the matter-of-fact by now!

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