Apr 26, 2012

50% Off on The Body Shop Mini Products ( Products List )

I ran away from office today simply because I had nothing to do. I went to Ambience, Gurgaon with a mind that I will buy cloths as whenever I go to any shopping place I only buy skincare or makeup stuff. In fact I do not remember clearly when the last time I got cloths or shoes from a mall! So, I was 100% determined (or so I thought) that I will not get inside any skincare or cosmetic store. But I do not know what happened; I enter The Body Shop Store and instantly noticed the 50% OFF tag near the cash counter!

Here are the stuff on 50% off
Body Butter (50ml) 
Spiced Vanilla 
Cranberry Joy 
Chocomania Beurre Corporel 
Dreams Unlimited 

Body Scrubs (50ml)

Olive Body Scrub 
Wild Cherry Body Scrub 

Shower Gel (60 ml) 

Spiced Vanilla 
Cranberry Joy 
Sweet Lemon 

Hair Products 

Rainforest Hair Butter 
Rainforest Moisture Shampoo 

(There were also 50% off on some fragrance oils and big spiced vanilla soap which I do not think most people will be interested in.)

Yes, everything in the smaller form. If you want to try something before you buy the big size, NOW is you chance.

I got Body Butter and Shower Gel in both Spiced Vanilla and Cranberry Joy. I discovered the shower gels when I did the huge shopping in which I discovered Africa Spa Scrub.I love the smell of Spiced Vanilla shower gel. Love for cranberry joy is more memories and sentiments based. I got them both as I thought I will use then on some rainy day as I am more into clean smells (read green tea) than warmer ones (my fav are vanilla, choco butter, shea butter and the like)

I didn't got the chocomaia one because the smell of the entire range seems extremely artificial to me.

So, 4 products in Rs. 790 which is nice considering the fact that its The Body Shop! Also, this offer is not there in their India website so, please give a visit to your nearest store if possible to check all offers that they are having. This 50% thing might be specific to Ambience Gurgaon one. Other than this they also had buy 3 to get 15% and buy 4 get 20% off. 

And as usual I returned without buying any new cloths. I might go to Vasant Kunj tomorrow (yes....again....its Friday babydoll ) because I really saw a good collection in Forever 21 for which I didn't had time that day. 

PS: I also visited MAC...yes I was not 100% determined about no-makeup/skincare. As Pooja from IBC said here, the SAs are really nice. 

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