Mar 19, 2012

Tuxedo Nail Art is Going to be Legen- Wait for it .....

Barney Stinson in the 3rd episode of the first season of HIMYM -  It's gonna be legend-... wait for it... and I hope you're not lactose intolerant because the second half of that word is DAIRY!  

Yes I am HIMYM addict and this is still my personal favorite. But I also Like - Suit Up!


Recently one my colleague was moving out to B'lore for 3 months and Friday was her last day in Gurgaon office. I always wanted to do something on her nails but it never happened. Finally one this Friday I got the opportunity to do something on her nails. Yes nail art in office and that too in office rest room!
It was simple bow that I did on her but then I also did something on myself - Tuxedo nail art.  

My another colleague wanted to do it on my left hand when I warned her that I have do be in a blogger's meet so better be nice.

"Wow! What are you wearing?"

I got shocked as things were still to be decided and she got cautious and messed my right hand. I did it again when I got home but then it didn't turned out to be Barney Awesome as.... have some pity for me as I get back to home around 8 pm after a full time job and then have to dedicate time to blog as well!

And also then I had to worry about something else - What to wear? - I guess we all have this disease..hae nah? Luckily my nails helped me choose my dress :D

The green here is Lotus Go Grapes which a kinda jade color. Its really very nice green. Its toluene free and has a very good stay without chipping..

Here are my colleagues nails on which the green is looking is looking quite different.

And both hands.. :D

And another pic of Barney.....


This is super easy one. But if you want a tute, then please let me know.

You can make this super easy by skipping the bow and make only buttons. Do a Google search and you might find some other designs. BTW I am super bored with only the white and black ones on the internet so I found this one nice and different - look I am praising myself :D...Awesome!

By the way do you watch HIMYM? I used to love. I found it a bit better than Friends as you get a learn a lesson of life by the end of each episode. It has somehow taught me many tips on relationships

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