Mar 31, 2012

'Sleek' Peek - My Sleek Makeup Haul

When Pooja of IBC mentioned in her blog that Sleek is giving 50% off on international shipping, I could not wait but satify my hunger for Sleek ASAP. I placed the order on 19th March (Morning in India), the customs stamp shows it was there on 20th and I was having it on  26th (Morning in India) and this is pretty fast delivery!

What I got from Sleek

Obviously the eye palettes!

Oh So Special - Love at first sight!

Me, Myself and Eye - Variety of Colors + Limited edition (Don't want to regret later like I did when I missed that peach collection)

Au Natural -  I am very happy with my PF N*de one. So, this belongs to one of my friend. She is sweet enought to have it with me till I review it for all of you (Thanks Dear)


I was thinking of paint pout but then I felt those sheer colors will do nothing for me. I even have to force myself to use the Lakme Flirt one. So ended up with Lipsticks. the colors I wanted were not avaialable so ended up with - Heart Breaker, Coral Reef and Barely There.

Confession - The choice of lipcolors was partially because of their names.I find myself doing that a lot.



Pixie Pink


Has it ever happened to you that you looked at something and felt this is the one for you. It happens at times that I look a shoe and know that it was made for me! even if I have issues with shoes sizing/fit, I buy them without wearing then once in the store. Similarly there are time when I see a thing and I felt that its not for me. Unluckily the blushes came under the second category.

I am putting up Flamingo and Pomegranate for Sale. I will put up details in FB page soon.

Pixie Pink is going for Giveaway. Again, I will put up the details soon.

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