Mar 10, 2012

Random Accessories from Kolkata

When I say accessory in Kokata the only destination is Gariahat. If you love junk jewelry then this place might look like heaven for you. You might jump up and down or even sing a song with happiness...LOL...well to be true its an awesome place but then you have to keep your eyes open as its a very crowded place and you might not spot what you want in a second.

I wanted to do a post on Gariahat but now as my days to go back to Noida is approaching I guess I won't be able to do that. There was also a surprise post for you all but then it also seems like a distant dream now. Now let me stop being gloomy and show few stuffs that I have got so far.

PS: I am in super mess now with all the packing that needs to be done. I am not able to find the 2 belts and another elephant necklace that I wanted to show you badly. Anyways, I will update them soon but then remember that I am lazy.... *wink*
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